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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

M. Duchamp, “With My Tongue in My Cheek”, 1959 The especially puzzling in the impression from Duchamp’s profile in his “With My Tongue in My Cheeks” is the visual “incompatibility” between his forehead, eyes and nose on the one hand and his cheek-and-chin which swallowed his tongue and is keeping it locked there in order […]

How To Resist The Anomic And Entropic Living Conditions Through Love And Art Chaim Soutine, “Mother and child”, 1942 The poorly discernable interior where we see mother and her child is a world of a blue-green colors dirtied to an unrecognizability. But the mother and daughter’s clothing still resist the dirt of living conditions not […]

A Plant-Saint Or, May Be, A Plant-Sorcerer Emil Nolde, “Green Head Above Red Cloak” The very idea of the sainthood (or, may be, sorcerer-hood) amidst plants is, softly speaking, bizarre, but not for Nolde, who is amongst those artists who have transcended the borders of bizarre and uncanny, without becoming fairytale tellers. The archetypal semantic […]

Moral Debunking Of Existential Garden Through Aesthetic Debauchery Of The Artistic Form – Chaim Soutine And Human World Soutine is “artiste maudit”, the artist laboring under a curse. He is the perfect prototype of the irremediable luck of adaptation, which places individual and his instinct in opposition to every aspect of his surroundings. Raimond Cogniat, […]

The Artist (Wolfgang Paalen) And War- And Profit/Money-mongers* Who are these monstrous creatures with contrast between their bright faces and their prosaic bodies? They are not physical heads on the physical bodies, as monstrous as they are. They’re the “heads” of the social hierarchies of countries, political systems, armies or financial corporations – they are […]

Children As The Ultimate Value of The Human Race, Because They, At Least “Theoretically”, Carry The Probability/Possibility Of A More Humane And Decent Society The Magi came to Jerusalem because they had seen an extraordinary star that they believed was a sign of a birth of the Savior in the land of Judea. They came […]

“Democratic” Deconstruction Of A Pompous Western Mythological Legacy God-Sun is mightier than manhood. Can manhood be mightier than God-Sun? Francis Picabia – “Apollo and His Messengers”, 1935 Picabia’s Apollo is like hidden semantics becoming discernible despite the tradition of windstorms of light enveloping Apollo’s human body, which we need to see glorified – a body […]

The Admirable Magnificence Of Human A Soul A female in a state of undress invites us into…the deep perspective space seen through a sequence of doors… The garments this enigmatic female figure wears are a marvel of invention. One consists of a bundle of gnarled roots, while the other is of wrinkled violet velvet with […]

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