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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Degas “Reclining Nude” Edgar Degas, “Studies of Nude” Just imagine that “Reclining Nude” is covered by something like artificial fog – an opaque/cloudy as if veil – blurring the features of the female figure and our visual field. May be, Reclining Nude is “protecting against” the viewers through a semi-transparent optical obstacle, a form of […]

What a magnificently shining and purely white wild horse! She, as if, underestimated the virile muscles of the jaguar embracing her. She is looking at us. She, as if, feels her impeccable beauty and, as if, doesn’t know that the jaguar’s teeth are already kissing and pressing her flesh. She senses that the admiring eyes […]

We are Americans, we are – power. We are the Conservatives – a group of leading individuals. “We” combine the enthusiasm of our conservative base with our leadership. We have a taste for our guns and shooting and we like the authority of our irresistible commanders. “We are the people and the leaders of people”, […]

Painters and poets alike have always had a license to dare anything. We know this, and we claim and allow to others in their turn the same indulgence. Horace Roland Penrose, “Veteran”, 1938 Intelligent people who serve during the war keep their thoughtfulness, while young people think more about their destiny, everyday life and what […]

Oskar Kokoschka (1886–1980) Kokoschka forcing us to see by pointing at the spot where he was seriously wounded (by a bayonet) when he was a soldier during WWI. He was very young, had just enlisted, and had to fight rifle against rifle battles. Kokoschka suffered from poverty throughout his whole life, but mostly from endless […]

“Taking pleasure” is at the heart of dialectics, it is you, when I self-touch you. That’s why I love you, and sometimes so painfully, at the heart of pleasure itself. Jacques Derrida Marc Chagall, “Night Path or Night Escape into Life” “Night Path or Night Escape into Life” is one of Marc Chagall’s universal topics […]

Kazimir Malevich, “Women in Church”, 1912 It’s already a fact that shooting and killing with guns in US is for some a “bravura game” and for others a tragic disaster. It’s on a daily basis that we observe on TV the suffering families of the murdered victims of casual shootings. These people who suddenly lost […]

This is a full frontal face of a warrior after being blown up and burned by warfare technology and then restored through the help of medical technology in parallel with the military one. His eyes still appear alive. He obviously can see the world. His lips seem to be moving, and we, as if, can […]

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