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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

What are We identifying With When We Perceive/Experience A Work of Art? Giacometti’s “The Couple”, in frontal lighting If the person perceiving a work of art is an art specialist, he/she takes it as a measure of an artist’s talent, as an item to store in a collection, to buy and sell, or as a […]

Living, Creative Understanding and Having a Dream In his life Jean Genet was able to overcome the incompatibility between sexuality and spiritual needs. In his life sexuality became the area where spirituality asserts its yearnings. Did Genet profane meaning by messing it up with compulsive sexual imperatives? Or, conversely, was he able to sublimate the […]

We Need Life Even When It Is Dead (When It Became Art) – The Irony of Art’s Existence Alberto Giacometti, ‘Head-Skull”, 1934 (view from the side) If skull is a remnant of the head (its post-mortem) and also part of a living human being, if skull is a remnant of the face when face is […]

What Mother’s Touch is for the Baby – the Goddess’ Touch is for Adults Alberto Giacometti’s “Caress (Despite Hands)”, 1932 Giacometti’s sculpture grasps this miraculous moment when the hand that touches us with love becomes our sensation of being loved/of loving. It is uncertain but the exact moment when we stop to be someone who […]

Why Today There Are No Philosophers, Serious Writers and Critical Artists in US? Alberto Giacometti, “Jean-Paul Sartre”, 1946 Jacques Derrida was not too fond of Sartre as a philosopher, again and again in his public statements he mentioned him with slightly slapping asides. But Sartre was a fertile playwright, and his analysis of Jean Janet […]



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