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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Love For Nature, For Humanism And Spirituality – There Is No Place For Idolatry In Manet’s Universe For millennia pantheism was understood superstitiously – like stones and leaves with anthropomorphic souls, and for millennia after spiritual emanation itself was understood as taking place very far from our life – somewhere above the sky. Spirituality attributed […]

From Emotional Openness To Psychological Reservation Or Even Existential Shutting Up The theme of “Automat” alludes to the decline of the public sphere. Although the place depicted is nominally public, it does not create the impression of actually being so. The woman seated… appears entirely turned inward upon herself, and her isolation is increased by […]

When Health Is Stronger Than Strength, When Life Is More Powerful Than Power and Stubbornness Is Stronger Than Destitution Homo sacer (Latin for “the sacred man” or “the accursed man”) defines in early Roman religion somebody “set apart” from common society, who is, simultaneously is “hallowed” and “cursed”. The homo sacer could simply mean a […]

Poetic Gift as A Spiritual Disequilibrium Edouard Manet’s “Portrait of Stephane Mallarme” (1876) Manet’s painting didn’t offer a comfortable seat to Mallarme’s inspiration. His posture is rather restless – he is not sitting/not lying, and his reclining/non-reclining body is in un-decided position (is he falling back or getting up?). He is here, in front of […]

The Circle of Individual Life Span and the Artist Looking Ahead through 148 years Edouard Manet, “Old Musician”, 1862 The majority of people are swallowed by everyday life like the Biblical Jonah by the “big fish” – they go through the days, learn how to survive, they adapt, calculate, move from custom to custom, from […]



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