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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

By Looking At Benton’s Mural We Feel The Technological Smell Of Production, But, Following Benton, We Don’t Feel Any Air Of Art Benton’s mural-sized painting “Hollywood” was intended, the artist remarked, to show that the movie industry was “predominantly an economically conditioned art”. “The movie art is not only a business but a business expression. […]

Gustav Klimt’s Painting “Gold Fish” (1901 – 1902) As Semantically Opposite In Relation to Hopper’s “Night Windows” Edward Hopper, “Night Windows”, 1928 Big apartment building of a solid construction and heavy arhitectural style which were dominant in the American urban settings before and right after WWII, attracts our eyes to three windows emphasizign different aspects […]

From Emotional Openness To Psychological Reservation Or Even Existential Shutting Down The theme of “Automat” alludes to the decline of the public sphere. Although the place depicted is nominally public, it does not create the impression of actually being so. The woman seated… appears entirely turned inward upon herself, and her isolation is increased by […]

People Separated by Invisible Walls of Individual Achievements/Accomplishments In “Nighthawks” unconsciously, probably, I was painting the loneliness of a large city. Edward Hopper Hopper has rendered the interior with great attention to detail, painstakingly delineating salt and pepper shakers, napkin dispensers, cups, and coffee machines. The arrangement recalls a lab set-up, spread out for perusal […]

Americans In Between Work and Themselves (When Historically Consumerism Was Not Yet Activated) Hopper’s smooth transition from a mimetic art (no more than realistic, representational and tending towards the narrative) to a symbolic art… For the self-reflective sign system established in his painting not only recodes realistic elements and symbolic relations; it also creates a […]

Art of Human Otherness and Consumers of Entertaining Art Edward Hopper, “Two on the Isle”, 1927 Has the show ended or it didn’t start yet? Are the two in the isle dressing to leave or undressing to feel comfortably during the event? All of this is not important if it is audience-centered art: oriented on […]

To live in an Emotionally Rarefied Air of Instrumental Urbanism Impregnated by Dry Dreams of Super-success Edward Hopper, “People in the Sun” (1960) People depicted here by Hopper cannot just relax in the sun. Instead, they project to the situation of taking sun their rigidities and stresses, and their business oriented energies over-stimulated by science […]



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