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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Similar Situation Was For Some Germans (In the Beginning of 20th Century) As Now It Is For Some American Kids (In The Beginning Of 21st Century) A staggering 2.5 million children are now homeless in US. This historical high represents one in every 30 children… An estimated 61,265 family households – were identified as homeless. […]

Egon Schiele’s Representation of Lovemaking Is Incompatible With Today’s Propaganda Of Private Happiness Schiele was active at a time when Emperor Franz Joseph had found it politically profitable to marginalize the liberals and to court Austro-Hungary’s subject nationalities instead. As elsewhere in Europe, the age of humane liberal reforms in Austria was coming to a […]

Trembling Of A Soul Learning That The Body Belonging To It Has Its Own Logic And Its Own Mind Egon Schiele, “Young Girl” (1910) How does Schiele transform a human body into an alive human body? “A corpse has the same body” as still living human being (dead and alive bodies look identical). It is […]

A Woman Without Appealing, A Young Person of Ontological Dignity – Without Dream Of Success Egon Schiele “Sitting Woman in a Green Blouse” (1913) [Alternative title can be “Sitting Woman With Absent Cigarette”] She looks at me as if without noticing me (but without making a point about it – without any assertion of her […]

Existentially Sublime Human Body As A Painful Salvation From The World SchieleLiebespaar(Lovers) In Shiele’s “Lovers” man’s soul is overburdened to the degree of shutting down his gaze and its frame – the face. And the woman’s face, with her desire to console the man, is also turned away from the world. Egon Schiele’s human nude […]

Mise en scène, Pantomime and Colors as Vehicles of Painterly Psychological Research Egon Schiele, “Boy in a Sailor Suit”, 1913 We, adults, are adulthood-centered. We are engulfed and swallowed by our “adult” problems, and we forget how we felt when we were adolescents, how many times we thought about ourselves as little monsters who don’t […]

When Mortality Is Not a Problem Egon Schiele, “The Portrait of an Old Man (Johann Harms)”, 1916 For those who did overcome narcissistic overestimation of the importance of individual death and for whom human mortality is not a problem anymore Schiele’s painting will not seem straightforward – an old man as an old man. They […]

How a House will look if it’s a Painting, not an actual House? Egon Schiele, “Façade of a House”, 1914 These or similar questions might have arisen in Schiele’s intuition when he noticed a house which we‘ll never know how it looked. We automatically assume that the painted looks either is copy or resembles the […]



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