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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Emil Nolde’s “Masken III (1920) – Mask-Hands – A New Mask In Nolde’s Pantheon of Masks (These Condensed Images of Human Destiny) Robotic Manipulation Of National And/Or Behavioral Minorities According To The New – Impersonalized Spirit Of Tam-Tam-Times Emil Nolde, “Masken III”, 1920 In “Masken III” we encounter three masks (which are easily identifiable as […]

Emil Nolde’s “Masks II, 1920 – Totalitarian and Post-totalitarian Populations and Their, Correspondingly, Traditionally Totalitarian and Neo-totalitarian Leaders Emil Nolde, “Masks II”, 1920 Look at the exclamatory mask in the very center of Nolde’s canvass – with grey face, dark internality, predatory mouth and bloody eyelids encircling greedy eyes which are searching for dissimilar others […]

Emil Nolde’s “Maskenstilleben” (1915) – Masks As Still life Of Facial Expressions Masks As The Unconscious Mythological Attempt Of The Artist To Survive Human Death E.Nolde, “Maskenstilleben”, 1915 Masks are still lives of facial expressiveness, it is what essence is to appearance. But masks are not only the victory of the emotional essence of a […]

Emil Nolde’s “Still life with Masks”, 1911 – Three Ages of Conservative Sensibility and Failure of Liberal Happy Hopes Faces Like Masks VS Mask Like Face – Nobility And Weakness Of Democratic Sensibility Emil Nolde, “Still life with Masks”, 1911 From the four masks which Nolde represents in his “Still life with Masks” (1911), three […]

Emil Nolde’s “Masks” (1922) – Alliance between Absolute Powers (Monarchic or Money-archic) and Demonic Psychological Energies Three Personages As The Foreground Of A World Burned And Transformed Into Ashes By A Man-made (Apocalyptic) Holocaust This painting was banned by the Nazi regime and exhibited at the Degenerate art (Entartete Kunst) exhibition in Munich in 1937. […]

Emil Nolde’s “Maskenstilleben” (1911) – Three Archetypal Motifs Of Entertainment, Its Consumer And Its Creator Settled In And Filled With A Melting Cheerful Blue As A Wasteful Air of Vanity The Artificial Skies of Mass-cultural Entertainment Nolde’s “Maskenstillleben 1911” is not his creative (festive) reaction on the reality of human life, but rather his skeptical […]

Emil Nolde’s “Mask Still Life III” (1911) – Life Is Blind like Youth, Happiness, Despotism and Death Emil Nolde’s “Mask Still Life III”, 1911 Being turned upside down and squeezed – like this pink/orange face-head (second from the left) – is the destiny of being young, which dooms us to nomadic adventure through childhood to […]

Truth of Art (As Guard Of Meaning) VS. Truth Of Ideological Beliefs (As A Fusion Between Reality And Unreality) Emil Nolde, “Resurrection” The body of Christ had replaced the Temple rituals, just as the words of Jesus had supplanted the Torah. Reza Aslan, “Zealot (The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth)”, Random House, 2013, […]

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