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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

When Sunflowers Teach The Little Girl How To See The Sun, When The Little Girl Teaches The Sunflowers How To See The World, When Sky Learns From Sunflowers How To See The Sun Emil Nolde, “Kleine Sonnenblumen” (“Little sunflowers”) How many sunflowers are in this painting, two or three? The semantic key to the heart […]

The Logic of Christ’s Martyrdom in Nolde’s “Verspottung” Emil Nolde “Verspottung” (“Mocking of Christ by the Soldiers”) By eliminating the historical and even the social setting of the event when “taken to the custody” Christ appeared in the hands of the soldiers, Nolde forces us to see what is happening between them as a fundamental […]

Emil Nolde’s Incredible Alchemy of Spirit, Life and Sense Emil Nolde, “Sonnenblumen” (“Sunflowers”), 1930 Who on earth could see the sunflower’s stigma/stybus (the heart or the head) of bright blue color? Usually it is either browning orange or when seeds ripe, black. But Nolde’s intuition has a surprise for us – it perceives the face […]

Adam & Eve Are Not Suffering Too Much about Being Banished (They Have A Substantial Compensation – Genital Embrace) Emil Nolde, “Adam and Eve Banished from Paradise”, 1919 Masaccio, “Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise”, (1424-25) In traditional representation of Paradise Lost the punishing action of the paternal authority is the engine of the plot […]

Life and Wisdom – the Given Glory and the Achieved Modesty Emil Nolde – “Gelehrter mit Madchen” (1919) The girl is the sun itself (more exactly, she is the existential metaphor of the sun). So, she is divided between her girl-ness and her sun-ness, between the subject and the vehicle of this metaphor – the […]

Little Children’s Belief in Love and Adult’s Belief in Power Nolde in his “Christ and Children” goes as much against the iconic tradition of painting Christ as he turns away from the painterly secular tradition of representation of the protagonist’s figure. He shockingly paints Christ with his back toward the viewers. We can see only […]

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