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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Family Success Happy children of a prosperous couple. Private Get together of the Wealthy? George Grosz, “Five o’clock tea” When wealthy are wealthy enough they use their wealth to make more wealth, but not wealthy enough look for wealthy enough as benefactors. Close But Professional Friends While pimp is searching the horizon his protégé feels […]

Georg Grosz, “The Sunny Land” Periods of prosperity make people confident and proud – they start to allow themselves too much, feel invincible and here the periods of austerity are ready to follow. Then people become infuriated and aggressive – during prosperity they felt themselves as the centers of the world, but austerity puts them […]

Three Types Of Profit-makers VS The 99% Of The Population Becoming Pauperized Through Austerity Measures Georg Grosz, “The Decision-makers and the Plebs” The artist represents the social world as two unequal parts – one the desk with three giants occupying three third of the space while the “plebs” are on the periphery and are represented […]

How Daddy-newspaper Reader and Mommy-knitter Produce a Son-future-war-maker Georg Grosz, “And Child Will Lead Them”, 1936 (in “heavenly” coloration) Looking at this colored drawing of Grosz I immediately remember my step-father who with obsessive political loyalty read what was for him the daily official newspaper (with prescribed views) from the first to the last line […]

Megalomaniacal Philistines Will Digest Even Crucifixion of Christ For Their Vain and Wasteful Pleasures George Grosz’s “Our Christmas” At first we look at Grosz’ drawing with ease of feeling habitually touched by a guaranteed pleasantness. This is a picture of Christmas celebration in a family like so many others. One year has passed by since […]

Organized by Conservative Leaders Violence against the Democratic Lawmakers Who Voted For the Health Care Reform George Grosz – “Civilization marching on”, 1936 In U.S. of 2010 you cannot see the behavior of right wing politicians, hate talk-show hosts and those whom they agitate against humanistic reforms without making analogies with George Grosz’s drawings from […]

Spectacular Athletic Events as Training in Emotional Totalitarianism In U.S. mass enthusiasm for spectacular athletic events is commercially rooted and advertized. As a result people’s emotions have become standardized and impersonalized – sport fans psychologically reflect one another and group around the star-athletes as their idolized fetishes. Competitive principle of victory-defeat engraves itself in their […]

Monopolistic Domination over the Market and Pauperization of the American Population In Germany pauperization of the population preceded the growth of Nazi ideology. Georg Grosz is a witness to how humiliation of the people by poverty makes them susceptible to megalomaniacal ideas of belonging to a super-race. He provides us with the knowledge of how […]



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