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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

The Gaze of Existential Love – Women’s Four Positions towards Love Giorgio de Chirico, “Bathers on the Beach”, in “fleshy” coloration By observing five women in front of the background: the sky, the sea and the earth/land, we see the importance of relations between the humans and this background along two axes – vertical (how […]

Notes Toward Interpretation Giorgio de Chirico’s “The Child’s Brain” (1914) The child admires, is afraid of and tries to be ahead of adults, and child’s mind likes to imitate and to outsmart them. When adult is just an adult, the child’s mind wants the child to be instantly more adult than the adult. If the […]

A Return to Culture after Losing It Is Possible Only at a Post-Apocalyptic Point of the Future We see a historical archetype – after all the barbaric excesses of the Ancient world Christianity seemed to be the way out. After Christianity deteriorated into excesses of obscurantism the Renaissance and later Enlightenment became a way of […]

Travels and Tourist Trips as a Tricky Way to Ignore the World The Ulysses de Chirico shows us here has become an ordinary, curl-headed youngster. He has nothing in common with the mysterious figure standing on Calypso rock… His odyssey, the picture seems to say, cannot have amounted to much. Wieland Schmied, “Giorgio de Chirico […]

Murderous Calculations, Self-sacrifice, and the Excluded Third Way Giorgio de Chirico, “Gladiators”, 1928 Imagine that you cannot avoid risking your life – for example, you are a soldier during war. The best thing you can do in this situation is to go ahead, do your duty, expose yourself to death without worrying about it too […]



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