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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Soul Of The Interior As Interior Of Human Soul Henri Matisse, “Interior with Violin” (1918) In comparison with other Matisse’s paintings of the interiors (he made more than many) his “Interior with Violin” unexpectedly has a “cargo” quality. The interior looks as a corner of the interior where chaos is intermixed casually with neglect and […]

There Cannot Be Reverie towards Nature or Aesthetic Sensitivity In General Without Humility Henry Matisse, “Interior with Egyptian Curtain”, 1948 The composition of the painting consists of three parts. The first is nature outside the interior (seen by us through the window), which, like a benefactor, as if puts the fruits in front of us […]

Is Man’s Sexual Desire a Yearning to Appropriate/Conquer/ Orgasmically Ejaculate/Inseminate/Impregnate, or the Need to Unite with Woman-mother? Henri Matisse, “Odalisque in Red Trousers”, 1922 When years ago I for the first time saw this painting among Matisse’s other odalisques I became fixated on it without understanding why. Again and again I saw and imagined the […]

Competitive Drive as a Basis of and Resistance to Psychological Development Henri Matisse, “Game of Balls” (1908) Matisse’s “Game of Balls” is, semantically, the twin of his the “Bathers with a Turtle” (the article on this painting was posted on Sept.1, 2010). If in “Bathers…” Matisse comments about the problems of psychological development in female […]

Three Levels of Psychological Development – Living, Withdrawal and Dedication to Understand Life/Living Henri Matisse, “Bathers with a Turtle” (1908) Approaching Matisse’s painting we see a three-layered background (green, dense blue and rarefied blue) that emphasizes three-part setting of the painting. What can this combination of colors trigger in us the viewers? May be, it […]



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