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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

We are Americans, we are – power. We are the Conservatives – a group of leading individuals. “We” combine the enthusiasm of our conservative base with our leadership. We have a taste for our guns and shooting and we like the authority of our irresistible commanders. “We are the people and the leaders of people”, […]

Eve’s breast as the seductive apple for Adam Max Beckmann, “Adam and Eve” We see that both, Adam and Eve are trying to hide their sexual organs, but while Adam’s hand knows too well the magic power of masturbatory touch, Eve seems oblivious, as though she hasn’t embarked on this “sensational” miracle that can move […]

Max Beckmann’s “Self-portrait In Florence” (1907), “Self-portrait As A Medical Orderly” (1915), “SP With A Champaign Glass” (1919), “SP With A Red Scarf” (1917), “SP As A Clown” (1921), “SP With A Cigarette” (1923) On my left was shooting and sharp explosion of infantry artillery, on my right could be heard the sporadic cannon shots […]

Sexuality (As Food Or Money) As A Compensation For Existential Deprivations Andre Derain, “Ball of Soldiers in Suresnes”, 1903 The life of soldiers is miserable enough even when there is no war. Soldiers in the army are like poor among civilians, even worse, in many situations they have to act like slaves of the higher […]

“Extravagant” Demythologization of Human Pre-historic Past Where Durer’s Eden [the reference here is to Albrecht Durer’s 1504 engraving of “The Fall of Man”] is lush and fruitful, Beckmann’s is barren, with only a few flowers sprouting from sandy soil. Where Durer’s figures are measured in classical proportions and reach across in amiable sociability, Beckmann’s are […]

Survival, Procreation and Zoo of Life Max Beckmann, “Lion Couple”, 1921 Beckmann’s lithograph belongs to a very rare tradition – of serious, not for children and not for the innocent (childish) curiosity in adults, representation of the life of animals in art. The point is not that serious comment about the behavior of animals has […]

Beckmann Psychologically Locates 20th Century Sport between Athletic Industrialization and Not Less Athletic Commercial Advertisement “Competitive principle of victory-defeat engraves itself in sport fans’ perception of the world.” Representation of Professional Sport in Serious Art – George Grosz’ “Sportsman” (1922), Acting-Out Politics Weblog, Feb.3, 1910 Max Beckmann, “Football Players”, 1929 Bodies (exaggerated by endless exercises […]

How to Transform the Human Soul into a Puppy Max Beckmann, “Lowen” To see this painting was unbearable for me from the first acquaintance with it. It was unambiguous and a very uncomfortable feeling. I asked myself why I feel this way. Step by step I understood that I identified with the lion, not with […]

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