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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Three Tasks Of The Painter Of Portraits – Sifting/Filtering Information From The Model, Meeting/Sustaining The Model’s Emanation, And Psychologically Stabilizing/Reinforcing Himself As The Receiver Otto Dix, Self-portrait, 1913 The artist is looking at his model which in this case is the artist himself. In his self-portrait we are privileged to see him registering his reaction […]

Cannibals And Delicates, Brutes and Brittles – Neocon Austerity Makers, And Those Among Democratic Politicians Who are Not Able To Promote And Protect People-friendly Economic Policies A grotesque male nude dominates Dubuffet’s “Will to Power”, his gritty roughness, burly proportions, inlaid stone teeth, and glass fragments for eyes giving him a fierce and threating air. […]

The Collapse of Human Existential Intelligence In the Pre-fascist periods A Madcap Retreat from Reality While most Berliners in the 20s scrambled just to stay alive amid street fighting and food shortages, a lucky few who had managed to hold onto something – or to cash in on the wild currency fluctuations – found the […]

The German Painter (Otto Dix – 1891-1969) Questions His Time, His Country’s Historical Past and Humankind’s Future The News channels extensively report about using child labor in the Indian sweat-shops…the children, some as young as ten, were worked sixteen-hour days, fed bowls of mosquito-covered rice, and forced to sleep on a roof and use overflowing […]

Men’s Megalomania and the Delirium of Intergenerational (from Father to Son) Transference of Masculinity Dix puts himself as the personification of males’ vainglorious obsession to produce a son (to reproduce his own masculinity in his son). Most often men are not conscious of having this irrational need – it‘s simply unconscious. But it expresses itself […]



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