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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

The Waves of Cognitive Breakthroughs Vs Tormenting Tears of Desperate Compassion Otto Dix, “Nietzsche”, 1912 Dix’s sculpture of Nietzsche’s head is a depiction of the swarming clusters of intense metaphorical transformations, characterizing through a mutual imaginative echoing, the philosopher-poet’s perception of the human world and humankind’s destiny. Nietzsche’s bust is a combination of a strong […]

Artis’s Three Tasks of Painting Portraits – Sifting/Filtering Information From the Model, Meeting/Sustaining the Model’s Emanation, And Psychologically Stabilizing/Reinforcing Himself As the Receiver Otto Dix, Self-portrait, 1913 The artist is looking at his model which in this case is the artist himself. In his self-portrait we are privileged to see him registering his reaction on […]

Cannibals And Delicates, Brutes and Brittles – Neocon Austerity Makers, And Those Among Democratic Politicians Who are Not Able To Promote And Protect People-friendly Economic Policies A grotesque male nude dominates Dubuffet’s “Will to Power”, his gritty roughness, burly proportions, inlaid stone teeth, and glass fragments for eyes giving him a fierce and threating air. […]

The Collapse of Human Existential Intelligence In the Pre-fascist periods A Madcap Retreat from Reality While most Berliners in the 20s scrambled just to stay alive amid street fighting and food shortages, a lucky few who had managed to hold onto something – or to cash in on the wild currency fluctuations – found the […]

The German Painter (Otto Dix – 1891-1969) Questions His Time, His Country’s Historical Past and Humankind’s Future The News channels extensively report about using child labor in the Indian sweat-shops…the children, some as young as ten, were worked sixteen-hour days, fed bowls of mosquito-covered rice, and forced to sleep on a roof and use overflowing […]

Men’s Megalomania and the Delirium of Intergenerational (from Father to Son) Transference of Masculinity Dix puts himself as the personification of males’ vainglorious obsession to produce a son (to reproduce his own masculinity in his son). Most often men are not conscious of having this irrational need – it‘s simply unconscious. But it expresses itself […]



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