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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Pablo Picasso, “Petals of Thinking”… It is not only that she has turned away from the world to a closed “consultations” with her loyal palm isolating her from the surrounding space. The point is that she is continuing to look at the world – she continues to be with the world not to lose contact […]

Leonardo da Vinci, “Profilo di capitano antico (Il Condettiero) – Leader of Mercenaries”, 1480 The aesthetics of militancy is not a goal in itself, but organic part of preparedness for war, for battle and for fight. Look at the leader of the mercenaries with his bloated posture of readiness to kill, with a furious lion […]

When the Weak and Exhausted People/Birds “Amuse” By Their Helplessness the Prosperous, the Strong and the Predatory People/Cats P. Picasso, “Cat Catching the Bird” (1939)* [With a slightly dirtied sky] P. Picasso, “Cat Catching the Bird” (1939)** [With a light and transparent sky] P. Picasso, “Cat Catching the Bird” (1939)*** [With an intense and a […]

Four Aspects Of A Civilization Victimized By A Belligerent Fight For International Domination Picasso at the age of seven We entered a phase of art history in which beauty is of less importance to artists than the meaning they might convey through a work of art… works of art are embodied meanings. Arthur C. Danto, […]

When Health Is Stronger Than Strength, When Life Is More Powerful Than Power and Stubbornness Is Stronger Than Destitution Homo sacer (Latin for “the sacred man” or “the accursed man”) defines in early Roman religion somebody “set apart” from common society, who is, simultaneously is “hallowed” and “cursed”. The homo sacer could simply mean a […]

To Feel Wings Because of Proximity To The Winged Other Some have argued that non-humans cannot experience such emotions as we do because they do not possess consciousness. This is a thorny issue, not least because consciousness is ill defined and extremely difficult to measure in any objective, scientific way. Nevertheless, there is now some […]

Psychologically Repressed Suffering And Its Sublimation and Formalization In Aesthetics “What do you think an artist is? An imbecile who only has eyes if he is a painter, or ears if he is a musician, or has a lyre at every mood of his heart if he is a poet, or even, if he is […]

Pedagogy of Unity/Oneness and Pedagogy of Independence/Otherness P. Picasso, “Mother and Child”, 1971 We see that the mother creates a physical and a psychological space for the baby – a kind of artificial womb where the baby can feel not restricted and at the same time safe and encouraged to be. But what is the […]

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