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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

This is a full frontal face of a warrior after being blown up and burned by warfare technology and then restored through the help of medical technology in parallel with the military one. His eyes still appear alive. He obviously can see the world. His lips seem to be moving, and we, as if, can […]

One starts by wondering – whether it is true that one drinks from a glass and ends with no longer knowing whether the glass exists Jean-Paul Sartre Pablo Picasso, “Two Women at the Bar/Prostitutes in a Bar”, Barcelona, 1902 Is it the murmur of absinthe that lures the visitors to the blue bar? Or some […]

Women need femininity – not satisfaction through the masculine prowess of muscles and money Women and men need femininity – men for their orgasm, women – for men’s power to use as protection and beauty Women need femininity for unique power of giving birth Men need femininity for having kids and being their masters Francis […]

Balthus-Balthazar Klossowski, “Blanchard Children”, 1937 At a time of an ever growing mindless neo-conservatism we must help ourselves to understand this monstrous phenomenon by going back to our pre-democratic reflexes. Indeed, what is the difference between puritanism and neo-puritanism? Before democracy the religious norms and ideologies were culturally despotic – to morally regulate and dictate […]

Life of Artist as a Human Being P. Picasso, “The Three Ages of Man”, 1942 One of the most horrifying wars in the history of humankind awakens Picasso to the problem of human essence in an artist more than the ordeals of the times he was going through and observing. For Picasso brooding over the […]

There are two kinds of portraits – external and internal, one is – oriented on facial features and the other in contrast is oriented on representation of the personal soul (on the inner world) of the model. The first type of portraits are dedicated to the analysis of external or the surface features of the […]

This ferocious drawing – “The Murder” is executed in a traumatic period of Picasso’s life. The two figures in the drawing are meant to represent – Marie-Therese Walter (the victim) and Olga Khokhlova (the assailant). Pablo Picasso’s Drawing “The Murder/Le Meurtre” (1934) Violence touches or impregnates numerous spheres of human life. It can be direct […]

Eden Mary Cassatt Mary Cassatt, “Mother and Daughter” Mary Cassatt, “Mother and Child” Mary Cassatt, “Motherhood”, 1890 Banished from Eden Emil Nolde Emil Nolde, “Adam and Eve Banished from Paradise” (confrontation with reality) The Lucky Pieces of the Eden Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, “Moments of Paradise in the Middle of a Prosaic Life” […]

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