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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

When Health Is Stronger Than Strength, When Life Is More Powerful Than Power and Stubbornness Is Stronger Than Destitution Homo sacer (Latin for “the sacred man” or “the accursed man”) defines in early Roman religion somebody “set apart” from common society, who is, simultaneously is “hallowed” and “cursed”. The homo sacer could simply mean a […]

Martyrdom of The Innocent, Those Who, As If, Take The Responsibility For Nazi Psychosis Consumers of swastika Three types of German men in the beginning of 30s History of crimes by metaphoric language Oh Germany, pale mother! What have your sons done to you That you sit among the nations A mockery or […]

Bonds of Unconditional Love Between Comrades In Arms As A Psychological Anomaly Towards friends he had the deepest affection, but towards the enemy he was harder than iron. Vladimir Mayakovski about Lenin Joseph Goebbels cathects Adolf Hitler with over-affectionate admiration For Goebbels, Hitler was as a parental figure, but at the same time they were […]

Human Destiny As A Shift from Feeling Uplifted By The Fascination With Majestic Heights To The Orphanhood of “Dry” Heather To my Czechian friend, Anna Antonovna Teskova Disappointed in mortals, Not being fascinated anymore. To the old-age heather, To the silver-sliding dried grass. Let’s trumpeters trump glory To my shadow! To heather-the losses, To heather-the […]

Is Collaboration with a (Violent) Totalitarian Power a Sin and the Vice (Or Even a Moral Crime) of the Church? Catholic bishops attend a Nazi rally This important photo from the historical archives shows how conformist the Church is in relation to those who have absolute – totalitarian power over human society in a particular […]

Is Ontological Partnership Between Existence and Beauty Guaranteed? For decades I remembered the poetic phrase – “Beauty will save the world”. While looking at Farhad Zamani’s photographs of urban scene something about the meaning of this maxim on beauty as savior was cleared for me. How exactly beauty is meant to save the world, inside […]

Manual Labor Instead Of Education – Not To Educate/Under-educate Children As the Surest Way To Financial Totalitarianism “Schools in the poor neighborhoods ought to get rid of the unionized janitors, have one master janitor and pay local students to take care of the school. The kids would actually do work, they would have cash, they […]

Why Botero’s Satire on Conformist Clergy Takes the Ultimate Form of Ontological Criticism? Fernando Botero, “Reclining Priest”, 1977 The priest’s fatness and his bodily closeness to the soil immediately engulf the viewers’ attention. His heavy shoes and massive feet belong to a person whose soul has no wings – they belong to a heavy physical […]

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