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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Dora Maar “Picasso Sleeping” (1936 – 1937) Looking at the photograph for the first time one can get the feeling that something is not quite right here. Indeed, something is very particular in Picasso’s sleeping. Is it really sleep, or something more or something other than sleeping? Picasso is, as if, embracing himself with his […]

Dora Maar, “Boy on the Corner of the Rue de Genets” (1933) We see that the wall the boy is leaning against is probably the back wall of some kind of a workshop, be it a garage or factory. Judging by the boy’s face he is trying to rest – drifting off, in a state […]

Dora Maar, “Model in the window”, Paris, 1933 Have you notice that dolls often become tired of girls? It’s, as if, they feel that the girls’ real interest is not them, their dolls (whom they restlessly dress-undress and do-undo their hair, etc.), but… the men of their future. So, the girls’ dolls got the desire […]

Loyalty Instead of Lawfulness – Conservative Women And Macho-men They Admire Dora Maar’s “Pont de L’alma”, Paris (1935) What is the most important part of a female anatomy for a despotic male? A harmonious face? A meticulous hair style? Neck of purity? Breasts of generosity? Coquettish pubic hair? Heavenly bird? Her shoulders and armpits that […]

Dora Maar, “Alberto Giacometti’s Sculpture ‘Hands Holding Void (Invisible Object)’ in his studio”, Paris, 1934 It’s a very tricky task to try to interpret the work of one artist (especially as significant as Alberto Giacometti) as a part of the work of art made by another artist (especially as talented as Dora Maar). Why Dora […]

Dora Maar, “Handstand”, 1934, Barcelona Why is this child of early adolescent age standing in front of photo-camera and viewers on his head? Is he preparing for school competition? For future athletic profession fertilized by solid investment? Is he entertaining the passer-byes (passer-buyers) for coins or banknotes reward? May be, he is bragging about his […]

Dora Maar, “Apres la pluie/After the Rain”, 1933, Paris The artist has chosen to characterize Paris as, from the first glance, nearly a monstrous stony landscape – the wide asphalted pedestrian road with the stoned bordure, the massive “cargo” wall on the side, the tiny figures of a mother and child at the distance and […]

Dora Maar’s Photomontage “Le Pisseur” (1935), Gelatin Silver Print We see in front of us a magnificent but not imposing interior of what looks like a castle-temple as a monument of traditional aristocratic culture in its double nature (castle aspect and temple aspect). The castle aspect refers to the sociological meanings of the building, and […]

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