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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Dora Maar, “Alberto Giacometti’s Sculpture ‘Hands Holding Void (Invisible Object)’ in his studio”, Paris, 1934 It’s a very tricky task to try to interpret the work of one artist (especially as significant as Alberto Giacometti) as a part of the work of art made by another artist (especially as talented as Dora Maar). Why Dora […]

Dora Maar, “Handstand”, 1934, Barcelona Why is this child of early adolescent age standing in front of photo-camera and viewers on his head? Is he preparing for school competition? For future athletic profession fertilized by solid investment? Is he entertaining the passer-byes (passer-buyers) for coins or banknotes reward? May be, he is bragging about his […]

Dora Maar, “Apres la pluie/After the Rain”, 1933, Paris The artist has chosen to characterize Paris as, from the first glance, nearly a monstrous stony landscape – the wide asphalted pedestrian road with the stoned bordure, the massive “cargo” wall on the side, the tiny figures of a mother and child at the distance and […]

Dora Maar’s Photomontage “Le Pisseur” (1935), Gelatin Silver Print We see in front of us a magnificent but not imposing interior of what looks like a castle-temple as a monument of traditional aristocratic culture in its double nature (castle aspect and temple aspect). The castle aspect refers to the sociological meanings of the building, and […]

Dora Maar, “Portrait of Paul Eluard”, 1933-34 Looking at this photograph we see a person who has completely given his gaze to us, the viewers, who is straightly looking into our eyes. Without having uttered a word, he is already talking to us. With his silence Eluard, as if, telling us – “I am a […]

Dora Maar, “Portrait of Assia sleeping on fur rug”, 1934 We see a face which is indifferent not only to the world because the person is sleeping, but to the very sleeping – Assia is not only with sleeping face but with sleeping soul (it’s possible to see the faces of the people sleeping, which […]

When Health Is Stronger Than Strength, When Life Is More Powerful Than Power and Stubbornness Is Stronger Than Destitution Homo sacer (Latin for “the sacred man” or “the accursed man”) defines in early Roman religion somebody “set apart” from common society, who is, simultaneously is “hallowed” and “cursed”. The homo sacer could simply mean a […]

Martyrdom of The Innocent, Those Who, As If, Take The Responsibility For Nazi Psychosis Consumers of swastika Three types of German men in the beginning of 30s History of crimes by metaphoric language Oh Germany, pale mother! What have your sons done to you That you sit among the nations A mockery or […]

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