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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Praying to Souls of Nature Forgive me, my mountains! Forgive me, my rivers! Forgive me, my fields! Forgive me, my grass! Mother was putting a cross on a solder, Mother was bidding farewell to her son… And again from the crooked shack – Forgive me, forgive me, my rivers… May 14, 1918 (Transl. by V. […]

Human Destiny As A Shift from Feeling Uplifted By The Fascination With Majestic Heights To The Orphanhood of “Dry” Heather To my Czechian friend, Anna Antonovna Teskova Disappointed in mortals, Not being fascinated anymore. To the old-age heather, To the silver-sliding dried grass. Let’s trumpeters trump glory To my shadow! To heather-the losses, To heather-the […]

Tsvetaeva and Outskirts “Poem of the Ourskirts” And until the desert of fame will not cover my mouth, I’ll write about bridges and outskirts, I will sing of simple places. And until I didn’t stick yet in the snares of human deformities, I’ll take the most difficult note – I’ll sing the out-cast life: complaining […]

Poet’s Soul As “Young Tempest” You go on living! – I have dropped my hands; I have dropped on the hands my feverish head. That’s how young Tempest is listening to god – Somewhere in the field late in the dark hours. And on the highest wave of my shorten breath Powerful suddenly – down […]

From Passions to Hate, to Cry, to Self-harming, to Self-destruction, and to Repentance onto Death Here passions are greedy and rusty: Dynamite to the status quo! Here fires happen again and again: The outskirts burn! Here hate lives by posture and action: Reprisals’ machinegun! Here floods happen again and again: The outskirts drift! Here people […]

A Dialogue between Hope and Despair Gray Hair It is – ashes of treasures: losses, insults. It is – ashes, before which granite – to dust. It is – dove, nude and cheerful, without spouse alive. It is Solomon’s ashes over vain human lives. It is – time’s (that’s eternal) pale death. It is – […]

Battle of Mortality and Immortality in Human Unconscious Eurydice to Orpheus For those who have out-worn the last shreds Of the body (no lips, no face!) Oh, is it not exceeding the mandate – Orpheus going to the dead? For those who pushed away the last pieces Of the earthly, put on the ultimate bed […]

Evil Is “Good” that Lost Modesty And Consciousness of Its Relativity, And Proclaims Itself As the Ultimate Judge of Human Reality Suspend Your Judgment… Suspend your judgment of my sins. The earthly judgment’s flawed. Don’t blacken with a dove-like white The baby of jackdaw. Still, if you want to do it, do. But having loved […]

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