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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

God of Religious Ideology (Of Belief) and God of the Living Heart In vain, with my eyes as with nail I penetrate the deepest soil: I understand more clear than nail: You are not here – and not here. In vain while circling with my eyes I search the heaven of the sky: Rain! – […]

Inspiration, Craft, the Alchemy of the Soul, the Alchemy of the Spirit – Love for Another Person through Belief and Love through Creative Knowledge You need to search for credulous companions, Who can’t correct the miracle with number. But Venice has been made by human hands, I as a craftsman – know craft of life: […]

Personal Love without Idolatry – Bodiliness, Anonymity, Vanity, Sex, Tenderness, Memory, Poetry, Mortality Hands – and into the circle Hands – and into the circle Of over-trades and over-compromises! Only how not to confuse lips, How not to mix up hands! From all of these Vanities I cannot sleep from – Having raised my hands, […]

Law and Culture: Co-existing Competitors Ophelia – In Defense of the Queen* Prince Hamlet! Enough to dig out worm-eaten Deposit… Look at the roses! Think about her who counts each day As priceless as her last day. Prince Hamlet! Enough of defiling the flesh Of the queen… It is not for virgins To judge passion. […]

Marina Tsvetaeva on Monarchy …Through otherworldly Hall of Tsars. – And who is this one inexorable and marbled? He is so majestically embellished by gold. – A miserable policeman of Pushkin’s fame. He condemned the author; he cut manuscripts, the beastly butcher of the Polish land. Look carefully – Never forget: the murderer of the […]

Mystical Feeling of Being Maternal to Nature Icy tiara of mountains is like a frame of mortal landscape. Today I parted the ivy on the granite of the castle. Today on all the roads I advanced ahead of camps of pines. Today I have taken a tulip as a child by the chin. August 16 […]

Psychology of Perceptional Concentration – Existentially Spiritual Meditation We are capable of listening like… 1 We are capable of listening like the river’s mouth listens to its own source. In the same way we can inhale the smell of a flower: To the depth – until all feeling disappears. Like that, in the air that […]

Yataghan? – Fire? … Pain… Oh, human souls! You have to be sisters to one another, not lovers! Marina Tsvetaeva Yataghan? – Fire? Oh, much more modest, why so pompous! Pain you know as your palm is known to your eyes, As the name of your baby is known to your lips. Dec/1/1924 (Translated by […]

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