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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

The Mystery of Aesthetic Sublimation: Sublimation As a Promise of a More Radical Pleasure Than a De-sublimated Pleasure An Inscription Go little book, To him who, on the lute with horns of pearl, Sang of the white feet of the Golden girl: And bid him look Into thy pages: it may hap that he May […]

When Poetic Reality Starts Not With The External World, Not With Internal World But With Psychological Objects/Meanings The Trumpet-Part The Trumpet-Part deep in the glowing Text-Void at Torch-Height, in the Time-Hole listen in with your Mouth By Paul Celan Alongside the external objects which we from our infancy internalize into our psyche when we interact […]

When A Parent Is Able To Share His Being And The Child – To Overcome Fear Of Otherness The title emphasizes that this is the waltz of the father; the son is an obedient, dutiful participant less than overjoyed by what he is doing… Kerry Michael Wood, 2010 In “My Papa’s Waltz” Roethke reminisces and […]

The Poet As A Psychoanalyst Of His Own Past and His Own Sinful Innocence A mind too active is no mind at all; the deep eye sees the shimmer of the stone… Theodore Roethke Pickle Belt The fruit rolled by all day. They prayed the cogs would creep; They thought about Saturday pay, And Sunday […]

Death, The Opaque, The Creation and A Meaningful Life To take the void in one’s hand/ – To be stripped of everything,/ To sweat one’s own heart/ Rejected in the desert… Henri Michaux On the Road to Death On the street of Death, my mother met a great ice field; She wanted to speak, it […]

Christ Asks God-Father To Let Him Complete His Mission And Says That His Premature Death Will Create A False Meaning of His Redemption The Mount of Olives Then it was night, and Jesus walked alone, dressed in white like a dead man in his shroud; the disciples were asleep at the foot of the hill. […]

To Settle In The Interior, To Settle In Beauty, In Nature, In Spirit, In Things, In Poetry, In Civilization – The Psychology Of Poetic Settler Gray Room Although you sit in a room that is gray, Except for the silver Of the straw-paper, And pick At your pale white gown; Or lift one of the […]

Democratic Need to Be Understood As A Stimulus For Artistic Creativity Neither seen nor known, I am the perfume living and dead come on the wind! Neither seen nor known, chance or genius? Hardly come, the task is ended! Neither read nor understood? What mistakes destined for the best minds! Neither seen nor known, The […]

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