Acting-Out Politics

Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Work Of Art As Escape From And Confrontation With Life As A Bad Eternity Preceding Physical Death

When Justified Criticism of Human Condition and Understandable Disappointment Is Narcissistically Centered and Becomes Like the King’s Edict “Indeed, there is nothing more vexing, for instance, than to be rich, of respectable family, of decent appearance, of rather good education, not stupid, even kind, and at the same time to have no talent, no particularity, […]

“Honest Justice” (“Hot Law of Men”, Harsh Law of Men” and “Gentle Law of Men”) and “The Final Reason” Honest Justice It is the hot law of men: from grapes they make wine, from coal they make fire, from kisses they make men. It is the harsh law of men: to keep themselves untouched in […]

Poet’s Invitation of Human Body into Meaning … The human couple is the point of intersection of all forces and the seed of all forms. The couple is time recaptured, the return to the time before time. Octavio Paz, “Alternating Current”, The Viking Press, 1973, p. 53 Counterparts In my body you search the mountain […]

Aspen Tree Reflecting The “Starry Night”, And The Golden Loop Of The Round Star As A Projection Of A Wounded Soul Aspen Tree Aspen Tree, your leaves glance white into the dark. My mother’s hair was never white. Dandelion, so green is the Ukraine. My yellow-haired mother did not come home. Rain cloud, above the […]

Man As A “Buoy in the battlements” and Man As “The Heart As The Violent Rose” THE VIOLENT ROSE Eye in a trance silent mirror As I approach I depart Buoy in the battlements Head against head to forget all Until the shoulder butts the heart The violent rose Of ruined and transcendent lovers. Rene […]

Praying to Souls of Nature Forgive me, my mountains! Forgive me, my rivers! Forgive me, my fields! Forgive me, my grass! Mother was putting a cross on a solder, Mother was bidding farewell to her son… And again from the crooked shack – Forgive me, forgive me, my rivers… May 14, 1918 (Transl. by V. […]

Human Destiny As A Shift from Feeling Uplifted By The Fascination With Majestic Heights To The Orphanhood of “Dry” Heather To my Czechian friend, Anna Antonovna Teskova Disappointed in mortals, Not being fascinated anymore. To the old-age heather, To the silver-sliding dried grass. Let’s trumpeters trump glory To my shadow! To heather-the losses, To heather-the […]

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