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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Giovanni Angelo del Maino, “Saint John The Evangelist” (1520-30), Lime wood, ht. 143cm. Whom we’re seeing in front of us is a person right from the 16th century, stretching out his hand as if asking for a handout. His facial expression supports the meaning of his extended arm and open palm – it’s an appeal […]

Spirituality As A Disinterested Living What is the position of the saint in the world teeming with the most complicated, the most sophisticated forms of evil? Thomas S. Molner, “Bernanos: Hos Political Thought and Philosophy” The spiritual man is not a strictly religious phenomenon: he is, rather, a man with a positive life whose being […]

The Reflective Strategy Of Assimilating The Viewers (of the Painting) Into The Painting Giovanni Battista Moroni, “A Gentleman in Adoration before the Baptism of Christ” (1555–1560) Moroni’s bold division of the intra-painting space suggests not only the ontological difference between secular realm where Moroni’s “gentleman” is located, and sacred realm where baptism of Christ by […]

Truth of Art (As Guard Of Meaning) VS. Truth Of Ideological Beliefs (As A Fusion Between Reality And Unreality) Emil Nolde, “Resurrection” The body of Christ had replaced the Temple rituals, just as the words of Jesus had supplanted the Torah. Reza Aslan, “Zealot (The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth)”, Random House, 2013, […]

Rossllini examines the similarities between Christ’s times two thousand years ago and today’s life in the West and comes to the paradoxical conclusion of a surprising similarity in the structure of the political powers in both historical periods. Following Rossellini’s film we easily discern in Ancient Judea and (by analogy) today in US the political […]

Ingmar Bergman and Gunnar Bjornstrand (Pastor Ericsson) during the shooting of “Winter Light” “Winter Light” is the second part of Bergman’s “religious trilogy” (the first, “Through Glass Darkly” – 1960, and the third, “Silence” – 1962). In the first film, the basic (for achieving enlightened life) human abilities – to love without psychological defensiveness and […]

“Through Glass Darkly” is the first film of Bergman’s religious trilogy dedicated to a hypothetical moment in the history of human existential sensitivity when, as a result of disappointment in their own psychological condition, human beings develop a need for a relationship with God. Geographically and historically a universal setting of rural Sweden became the […]

Meditation As A Strategy Of Uniting/Identifying With A Holistic Environment As A Symbiotic Partner Everyday The Lama sat in bed with bamboo backscratcher his false teeth in a big glass of water on the sunny windowsill. By Allen Ginsberg (Aug/’92) Lama is a title for teacher in Tibetan Buddhism. The name is similar to the […]

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