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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Christ Asks God-Father To Let Him Complete His Mission And Says That His Premature Death Will Create A False Meaning of His Redemption The Mount of Olives Then it was night, and Jesus walked alone, dressed in white like a dead man in his shroud; the disciples were asleep at the foot of the hill. […]

A Psychological Deconstruction Of Theology Of Crucifixion Christian town of Maloula in the mountains 20 miles north-west of Damascus… is the only place where Western Aramaic, the language of Jesus, is still spoken… Maloula used to be one of the safer places in Syria for Christians… But today many already fled. Their priests and bishops […]

The Obvious And Not So Obvious Angels, Spirits, Presences and Beings Without Which We cannot live Mother for baby is such a protective and life-enhancing Presence (the difference between the presence nearby of a regular object and Presence of a super-object is that the latter we feel as presence around us, not just nearby). It […]

When “God” Is Locked Above Life … Every church nods to doubt but has little to say to despair. Churches speak of joy but make no room for its expression… Despair is Christ on the cross. Joy is the Holy Spirit, disfiguring every form that purports to know God. The Christian Century, June 12, 2013, […]

Human Need For Association With Gods As A Result Of Problems In Relations Between People Creatively exuberant trailer of “Contempt” Style is a matter of meaning. JLG … to try to film a thought in action JLG “Contempt” is a simple film about complicated ideas. JLG Style and content are one. Technique has to do […]

Notes on Cognitive Function of Belief The unconscious was invented to relieve hysteric of the non-congruence between excitability and cognition. By way of this “other scene”, the non-time of the drive is metabolized into representations and primary processes, still outside time, but able to be formulated in temporal conscious representations. This always incomplete translatability invites […]

Is Collaboration with a (Violent) Totalitarian Power a Sin and the Vice (Or Even a Moral Crime) of the Church? Catholic bishops attend a Nazi rally This important photo from the historical archives shows how conformist the Church is in relation to those who have absolute – totalitarian power over human society in a particular […]

God of Religious Ideology (Of Belief) and God of the Living Heart In vain, with my eyes as with nail I penetrate the deepest soil: I understand more clear than nail: You are not here – and not here. In vain while circling with my eyes I search the heaven of the sky: Rain! – […]

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