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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Artaud’s portrait of the real Jacques Prevel, juxtaposed with photo of the actor (Mark Barbe) playing Prevel in Mordillat’s film Mordillat’s film is gloomy and tormenting, and its narrative melodies are often broken by, as if, blasted strings. After WWII, Paris is dirty, hopeless and full of people with no time for elegance and contemplation. […]

“Lola” by Jacques Demy is a comedy of not laughter or mockery (it is very pleasant for the viewers to laugh at somebody or something – it makes them feel superior and great, and that is good for the success of movies and profitable for filmmakers). “Lola” is a comedy of compassionate smile addressed to […]

According to the literally thinking movie-critics (who survive on advertising movies to the consumers), the main character of the film is a “wandering criminal”, “a smalltime thief”, “a young hoodlum”, etc., and this characterizations are pettily true (for these people to be “right” is be literally, tautologically right). Of course, Michel Poiccard is also what […]

Clip from the film Pierre – the main character of the film is a rare type of a screen hero. He is a scholar – his thinking and sensitivity belong to the area of humanistic sciences (the liberal arts). Commercial (entertaining) movies (the most of cinematic artifacts), on the other hand, are designed as pop-goods […]

“Heart of Glass” by Werner Herzog (1976) – (Full film) “Ontological rivalry” between two beer buddies. The film depicts life in German provincial semi-town-semi-village in a slow transition from 18h to 19th century, and it is this depiction if to consider its anthropological authenticity and scrupulous attention to details. But it is, conversely, the historical […]

War between two countries, to a substantial degree, is a fight between two social hierarchies belonging to the countries at war. War is result of rivalry between the decision-makers of both countries, who are trying to outmaneuver and subdue each other. “People” with their jingoistic passions come into play much later, after propaganda on both […]

“Lola” is a cinematic elaboration of the director’s concerns about mutation in a democratic system (as radical as it is camouflaged) which we all in USA and Europe are moving through in the 21st century. The film depicts and describes this mutation by stylistically grasping the very atmosphere of post-democratic life, when “forms of power […]

“Silence” is a foundational metaphor of the film whose meaning is the silence of something like the human soul in a world of triviality, blind impulses, greedy consumption, indifference and hate armed with military technology. But what is exactly silent in the human world depicted in the film? The term “soul” is drastically over- and […]

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