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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

“I believe in American exceptionalism“ Barack Obama In spite of the existence of idealistic communes throughout human history and sentimental tales about good-kind leaders elected by kind-good people, we humans are creatures who, as women love men touchingly love tough machos as our political leaders and financial role models. Even democracies aren’t immune from electing […]

It’s very easy to start to talk about two kinds of people in our country – one is the Demos – the poor and the low middle class, and the other includes several categories – semi-rich (future rich – people who are trying to become rich), just rich and the top-rich (or wealthy). The poor […]

Fear is a spontaneously activated reflexive attempt at self-protection, more exactly, a feeling of being self-protected. When we get this feeling we are prone to feel, at least partially invincible. Of course, this is an illusion, but illusions can temporarily help. But how exactly does illusion provide release from fear? God, as we believe and […]

To love another human being vs to love an ideological monument – an authoritarian political leader. Politics and love are realities belonging to different universes. Politics includes so many people that their ideological sympathies and antipathies, together with their political tastes belong to various hearts and souls and are different – that’s why people prefer […]

There is a feeling of total, ultimate satisfaction in battle, as if, you are… happy dancing on the very margin of abyss. Paraphrase from Pushkin’s poem We cannot see our unconscious. And we cannot understand our particular impulses and reactions. We didn’t invent our own psychological equivalent of bacteria and viruses and a microscope making […]

Until recently we all thought that Coronavirus is killing people, that this danger is targeting human beings, until we heard that the problem is somewhere else, that the real serious issue is not human death, but the ability of this virus to kill… the economy. Wait a minute – how virus can kill something as […]

Greed and Gluttony of Sexual Domination, Consumption/ Appropriation/Self-expansion and the Psychological Need For Being Entertained/Megalomaniacal Self-engrossment – In Fascism and Post-Democracy In the middle of the 70s Pasolini was inspired to combine his creative inspirations by juxtaposing his retrospective vision of Italian Republic of Salo (1945) and his “futuristic” vision of post-modern “construction” named US […]

In February a disaster invaded our country – Covid-19. Many people had already fallen victims of this disease, but the doctors, nurses and the medical personnel in general continue to do the hard work of saving Americans. Unfortunately, prejudices and superstitions were also part of some people’s reaction on the disaster. The foreign and Americans […]

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