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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

It’s undoubtedly very pleasant to laugh or smile. Americans especially like to have fun, a good time. Starting with post-WW2 entertainment became an almost universal pastime. Indeed, why be sad when it’s possible to be cheerful? Multiple styles of entertainment starts to dominate the scene. Over-excitement, over-smiling, over-eating, over-doping, over-laughing, over-gunning, over-sporting, over-consuming and, of […]

Prosperous Daily Life Full of Freedoms, Consumerism and Entertainment Until… the Sudden Intervention of the Revolting Pandemic – Covid-19 and the Humiliation – the Necessity of Having to Wear Masks Against Other People’s Unbearable Exhaling the Viruses… People lived, drank beer, had an ice cream, exchanged everyday stupidities or wisdoms, jumped at the coffee shops […]

It was really difficult to imagine that the fat-cat smile is so irresistible, but looking through numerous photographs of the fat-cat presiding over the overexcited crowds I had to correct my impression. People like Trump are able to conquer the realm of artistic fakery. Hundreds of photos of his admiring crowds and in the center […]

What happened on January 6, was a violent street crime that resulted in five fatalities, property smashed and damaged, and many assaults by those who broke into the Capitol… Nobody knows what Trump will try to do on his way out. Ralph Nader Trump advances Like the pathological cult of Stalin/Dzhugashvili in Soviet Union a […]

Neocons Want to Conserve History In Their Pockets – In Fish cans They always ruled over history. They nurtured and increased their power and wealth throughout human history – those Kings, Dukes, Commanders, Leaders, Bosses, Deciders, billionaires, etc. And they want to continue to accumulate and amass their power and wealth forever. That’s why they […]

About 50% of the adults have chronic diseases, then about 50% of adolescents can be diagnosed with some kind of mental illness. Millions of children take psychiatric medication because they have problematic behavior. 40% of pregnant women experience post-partum depression which influences the stress hormones that can be traced in the infants’ psychological and physical […]

Trump, probably, doesn’t even know the great American tradition of recognizing the White House as the people’s house and a place where the President resides only do to the generosity, gratitude and respect of the American people. By isolating the White House from the people Trump forgets that he is living there temporary, that the […]

There are people who are designed to violently eliminate others from their environment. Right wing extremist mob wants to kill, all over the world. Klaus Theweleit Having lived in Moscow and trying to psychologically distance myself from the monotonous Soviet life wasn’t too difficult because my mother had from my early childhood oriented my idle […]

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