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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

But can stupidity learn? Or, can it learn whatever it is, successfully? It looks like it can learn at least to the degree of stupid person’s ambition. But how-how-how is stupidity able to learn? Perhaps, because of modern technical science’s perfected drilling techniques. Advanced technical education can make even brainless “smog” a maker and polisher […]

Life as a phenomenon and life as a fact Life as a meaning and life as an experience Life as a paradox and life as an offer Life as an ordeal and life as a choice. Only life as a phenomenon or meaning or a paradox or an ordeal – is exclamatorily worthy and then […]

Preamble: New Collaboration – Previous Leading Soviet Communists and Today’s American Neocons (A New Financial Symbiosis) The Soviet Communists’ discoveries of their ideological similarities with the American neoconservatives demonstrate that it is really only the American liberal democrats with whom they have a problems, but during the Gorbachev-Reagan period they suddenly found in American neocons […]

Liberals In Process of Successful Survival Produce Smiles of Momentary Relaxation Liberal Smile Is Smile of Politeness, Openness, Optimism, Smile of General Positivity, of Goodness, of Welcoming the Future – It’s Smile of Friendliness, Niceness, Smile of Liberalism With the Help of German “Liebe” (Love), “Lieben” (to Love) and “lieb” (dear) Liberals Transform “liberalism” into […]

Heinrich Himmler, whose the most respectable position in the Nazi hierarchy was Reichsfuhrer SS (Top commander of SS), in his young age was prosperously growing chicken farmer. As we see on the photo he is very proud of his wife’s fertility and the future of his son. In other words, Himmler was rather a typical […]

The worse the conditions of life and the higher stress – the more inflamed the hateful alertness towards the dissimilar others (DOs) on part of the suffering masses of population. One hotdog with sauerkraut less = more bites of hate toward the DOs will follow. If we expect one ice cream cone less in future […]

Often we think poorly not because we are not able to do better, but because we don’t want to miss the pleasures connected with making habitual errors in judgment. Proneness to prejudices has psychological concomitants. First of all, it is impulsiveness, the emotional character of evaluating the situations and the tendency to naïve self-deception. Also […]

Christ, probably, thought that by offering people too big of a reward for virtue (eternal life) he will then in return get equivalently big virtue – virtue corresponding to reward! Ah, he underestimated the trickiness of human intuition. We humans so much want the reward that we will fake virtue! It is like the situation […]

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