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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Neocons Want to Conserve History In Their Pockets – In Fish cans They always ruled over history. They nurtured and increased their power and wealth throughout human history – those Kings, Dukes, Commanders, Leaders, Bosses, Deciders, billionaires, etc. And they want to continue to accumulate and amass their power and wealth forever. That’s why they […]

“Nathalie Granger” is aesthetico-philosophical opus-film. The strictest logic of its visual images step by step moves us, the viewers, to the feeling that we, while observing the still and harmonious life in a quiet and prosperous household, never expected to get – the feeling of the incompatibility between traditional (over-worldly) spirituality (as it exists and […]

To Be a Victim of Art? – No, To Be a Partner of Art. Love vs. Art? – No, Love As Lover of Art. One must learn to live. I practice every day. My biggest obstacle is I don’t know who I am. I grope blindly. If anyone loves me as I am I may […]

Megalomaniacal Philistines Will Digest Even Crucifixion of Christ For Their Vain and Wasteful Pleasures George Grosz’s “Our Christmas” At first we look at Grosz’ drawing with ease of feeling habitually touched by a guaranteed pleasantness. This is a picture of Christmas celebration in a family like so many others. One year has passed by since […]

The Gaze of Existential Love – Women’s Four Positions towards Love Giorgio de Chirico, “Bathers on the Beach”, in “fleshy” coloration By observing five women before: the sky, the sea and the earth/land in the background, we see the importance of relations between humans and this background along two axes – vertical (how the figures […]

Emil Nolde’s Incredible Alchemy of Spirit, Life and Sense Emil Nolde, “Sonnenblumen” (“Sunflowers”), 1930 Who on earth could see the sunflower’s stigma/stybus (the heart or the head) of bright blue color? Usually it is either browning orange or when seeds ripe, black. But Nolde’s intuition has a surprise for us – it perceives the face […]

(Totalitarian) Mythologization vs. (Democratic) De-mythologization as Different Ways of Perceiving Reality We all have grown on pompous and beautiful myths. And we continue to react on them with tears of frustrated but still alive hope and with tireless need for unconditional believing. Our minds grow from irrationality like the adult from the child, like sobriety […]

Adam & Eve Are Not Suffering Too Much about Being Banished (They Have A Substantial Compensation – Genital Embrace) Emil Nolde, “Adam and Eve Banished from Paradise”, 1919 Masaccio, “Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise”, (1424-25) In traditional representation of Paradise Lost the punishing action of the paternal authority is the engine of the plot […]

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