last part from chapter 7 of the Book “Ideological Superstitions and Political Misperceptions in the 20-21st centuries”

But let’s imagine that somebody who projects to the world his identity, be it his passionate religious or ideological belief or the truth about his sexual choice, does this only seemingly while in reality he is making a moral statement, which expresses his desire to help people to understand something. In this case it will be of no importance that he really believes in Democracy or Communism, in Marx or Jefferson, or whether he is really gay “by nature”? He just wants to remind people that something in Democracy, Communism or being other in sexual choice is good for them to have an encounter with. In this situation a person is making a statement in principle, states his/her position, shows his/her stance and not his/her personal belief or complex. To make a statement about person’s stance, not about his/her belief or complex requires a much higher level of psychological development.

The most powerful non-conformist stance in defense of homosexuality, for example, will be the one that heterosexuals take. In the same manner, the most effective declaration of the right for any religious or political belief must come from non-believers and people of alternative beliefs. And it is the believers who ought to be defending the sacred right of atheism as a spiritual stance. Fight for human and civil rights must not be a fight for MY (or my referent group’s) human and civil rights. But today human beings are too barbaric for disinterested fight for the rights of others. By fighting for rights they are not fighting for rights – they fight for themselves, their survival and success.

When I name my belief or my complex as my essence and identity, take it as a nucleus of my personality with one hundred percent of identification with it – I turn into a gay or lesbian fundamentalist, or flagriotic/jingoistic enthusiast or a religious warrior. Religious or ideological belief or a complex is conformism in relation to one’s private fixations. A fundamentalist homosexuality or heterosexuality (when a person defines his personality based on his/her sexual preference) is psychologically similar to a religious or political fundamentalism. Most gays and lesbians are people for whom their sexual preference is identity-giving issue, as for fundamentalist religious or political/ideological believers their identity is provided by their belief (it is the belief what gives name to their soul). In other words, “it’s not me who is jingoist, it is my objective greatness if America makes me its soldier”. “It is not me who is SRussian communist, it is objective greatness of Marxism makes me its follower”. It is not me who is gay; it is my great nature what makes me the one”.

One possible result of basing your identity on somebody else’s authority is splitting the complex or belief from the encounter with our own curiosity and intelligence, with our own intellectual potential for self-reflection, self-criticism and self-development. Another result is naturalization of conformist stance. As soon as you are not responsible for your own identity and actions it will be natural for you not to take responsibility for actions of your government, leaders or religious authorities. Conformist stance is good for the health! It reduces stress, it put your blood pressure down – with getting rid of your responsibility you are relaxing and are ready to go to health club.

Inside the issue of the equality between different sexual preferences to claim that you are gay by nature is a spot of conformism in the very Democratic orientation on equality and anti-discrimination. Gays like to be equal without taking responsibility for the right to be treated equally. It is as if they expected their “nature” to claim equality instead of themselves. They use the situation of fight against discrimination to claim equality, as if gayness was equivalent of race and their fight is against the racism. By this they transform the problem into very traditional and bio-morphic mode of fighting for human rights instead of enlarging and complicating the scope of progressive fight for freedoms and equality. They want to use the achievements of the previous liberation movements instead of enriching and pluralizing previous concepts of fight. Like religious fundamentalists and political fanatics put responsibility for their belief on God or ideological Ultimate Truth, gays/lesbians recruit “nature” for the throne of ultimate responsibility.

To claim that Marxist worldview reflects objective Laws of Historical Development of Human Societies verified by Marxist’s belief is a juicy spot of conformism in the very revolutionary fight for better conditions of living and nobler way of life. Russian Marxists like very much the slogan of better conditions of people’s life without taking responsibility in fighting for these better conditions. The decision is made by “objective absolute truth”. They prefer to see themselves as followers of true ideas, as believers in objective truth, not as people who fight for what they think a right course. Like American gays rely on “nature” or “genes”, Marxist “revolutionaries” rely on “objective Laws” they have discovered through their belief. In their fundamentalist fashion they took their truth without any doubt or self- or credo-criticism.

Soviet Marxists in a substantial degree are like the majority of American democrats – who instead of fighting for Democracy (and being ready to lose their positions and salaries in a process) because of growing right-wing destroyers of Democracy, are repeating Democratic slogans relying on its wisdom and traditional authority, while conservatives systematically dismantling the melting benefits of American Demos. The best achievements of the American Democratic Congress is to pass the Laws which will be ignored by conservative Senate or vetoed by President.

The fact of Stalin’s becoming a General Secretary of Communist Party was quite predictable already in pre-October revolution period. It was enough to notice fundamentalist nature of Soviet Marxism with its dogmatism and intolerance to be able to predict totalitarian future of Soviet revolution. For the majority of Marxist believers the absence of any doubt in Marxist dogma (connected with absence of any creative ability to meet new challenges with a new solutions) extended itself into the absence of criticism in relation to Commander-in-Chief and party superior wisdom. It is like in today’s US jingoistic/flagriotic stance automatically presupposes the loyalty to the Trumppresident.

Your belief or nature cannot fight instead of you. And they cannot take responsibility for your fight. Only human beings can fight for their rights or better conditions of life. Of course, belief in “Objective Truth” or in “Nature”) can help psychologically to feel more confident and hopeful. But price for this is the danger of degradation into conformism of directly political kind or indirectly political kind, like philistinism in America and Trumpmerica. When people with totalitarian psychology will come to power they will, like in Nazi Germany, put philistines in their miserable place – they will show them who is in charge – on the streets and in preventive detention centers. American Gay fundamentalism can easily provoke Soviet or Nazi type repression of homosexuality.

Russian lesson of fundamentalist Marxism should be taken very seriously. The deficit of self-reflection and self-criticism is an indicator of deficit of creative ability that makes it impossible for people to face their problems and their others.

What starts with the inability to endorse our own otherness with a symbolic gesture of taking responsibility for what we are – can end in a socio-political conformism and collapse of Democracy or even survival.

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