Segment from Chapter of the Book “Ideological Superstitions and Political Misperceptions in the 20-21st centuries”

“Don’t blame me for my sexual choice” – say American gay and lesbian. “It’s not really my choice. It is not my caprice or a form of resistance or my fantasy. My homosexuality is written in my genes. I am made like this. I am made from the rib of inversion, from the gay rib. It is my destiny. Even with waterboarding you will not be able to change me. I am what I am.”

“Don’t be surprised that I am in the American armed forces” – says a nineteen years old PFC. “The reason I enlisted it’s because I love my country which is the most beautiful country in the world! My country is the best and the strongest. Many people in different caves of our planet hate us for being better that they are, and they want to revenge us for being the best. I will defend my country against anybody who will try to hurt us. I’ll put my life on line, and I am proud to die defending what is the best. And I’ll live forever in the grateful memory of my country. I belong to my country as my own body belongs to me”.

“Don’t blame me for being a Marxist” – says SRussian patriot and communist. “Don’t think that I am a revolutionary because I am a rebellious person who loves to disagree, contradict, scandalize, to fight, etc. That’s not true about us. We’re peaceful people. I am a Marxist because I am impressed by the truth of what Marx said. What he said is – objective truth, a truth for the whole world, as soon as the world entered industrialization phase of human history. The idea of transition from capitalism to socialism for me is like Moses’ commandments of God were for the ancient Jews. Mutation of capitalism into socialism and growth of socialism into communism is the Law of Nature for development of human societies. Socialist revolution in capitalist countries is absolute inevitability. To try to deny the socialist revolution is like to try to deny menstruation to a healthy puberty-age-girl or try to prevent pollution in a healthy boy of fourteen. I am on the side of normalcy, while anti-revolutionaries are against nature and normality. I am on the side of truth, and who opposes us are on the wrong side. That’s why our opponents will lose, and we win triumphantly.”

What is the similarity between what an American gay and lesbian or an American flagriotic (jingoistic) soldier believe and what says a believer in Marxist Truth? First of all it is the justificatory logic that come about after becoming gay or deciding to be a soldier or a Marxist. More, this way of talking gets rid of personal responsibility for what we are – if we weren’t to be gay or lesbian, or be born in the countries we were born in, we could be opened to our own destiny more. But in all three cases above somebody else made decision for us.

In reality, in all the three examples we are dealing with self-aggrandizement. In the case of gay/lesbians – aren’t they in a way feel that they are chosen? Hiding behind nature (genes) gays/lesbians look as if they were on nature’s side. Isn’t nature superior in the eyes of its children? In this very sense gays/lesbians self-aggrandize themselves by association with the superior authority of nature – against those who accuse and condemn them. Self-aggrandizement of the American soldier is more obvious. To die for the might and superiority of your country means to be resurrected in its eternal memory. And this pleasure of being glorified object of gratitude adds to the more profane pleasures of having the right to control, manipulate, murder and torture the enemies. The same goes for the self-aggrandizement of Russian socialists or communists. To act in the name of the highest truth is like to act in the service of God. It’s very pleasant to feel oneself closer to what you believe is “objective/universal truth” – you feel yourself smarter than anybody else.

The essence of three illustrated conformist ways is to appeal to authority – nature, my country or my superior ideology. This hiding behind the Authoritative agency takes place in a situation where violating social norm or another people could awaken guilty feelings and shame. Justificatory logic of appeal to authoritative fetish (JLAAF) including the defense by belief (DBB) and defense by patriotic love (DBPL) are psychological strategies that preclude guilty and shameful feelings from surfacing in our consciousness. These strategies are more primordial than guilt and shame (for example, in front of human community for your violent transgression). By appealing to/hiding behind the obvious authority (social, religious, cultural) – we confirm and pacify the internal, internalized psychological authority we formed from babyhood and carry inside. The authority of Norm, Dogma, Country and God anchored in our psyche to its ontogenetic and phylogenetic bottom.

The matter with getting rid of personal responsibility is unconscious and archetypal attempt to redeem ourselves in front of internal images of parental figure(s) – always archaic, always cruel and always almighty. It is indeed an unconditional reflex, the expression of our eternal childish condition of having an irrational need to appeal to the authority’s mercy because of not less irrational fear of being punished by it.

Dependence on internalized authority always precedes dependence on actual authority, as dependence on actual authority always precedes dependence on peers. Guilt before internalized authority precedes guilt before actual authority, and guilt before actual authority precedes guilt before the pressure of peer groups. For this reason ontological guilt (guilt without and before any transgression) precedes moral guilt (for violation another human being or social or cultural norm), and moral guilt precedes and feeds social inferiority complex in front of peer pressure. The more we are unconsciously frightened by the primordial authority (from our childhood) the more we prone to be culturally and socially conformist (ready to melt in front of God, country, dogma or “nature”).

The question of our sexual preferences or our religious and political beliefs is a matter of our otherness to ourselves, of something we don’t completely understand. It can be a matter of our cultural/counter-cultural and familial/anti-familial conditioning, or, of course, of our own existential creativity from childhood – our own wild attempts at intellectual inspirations trying to answer the puzzling facts and dazzling enigmas of the existence. For example, child cannot identify sexuality as something that takes place between mother and father; it only feels jealousy and anger about being excluded from something attractively mysterious in their alliance. Religious parents can create in the child the impression about their ideal – super physical, relations, and this can stimulate in child the split between ideality and reality. This belief then continues the split between ideality and reality (asexuality and sexuality) if in homosexuality the negation of parental sexuality is important defining characteristics (as a result, for example, of observing emotional problems between parents), in Christian religion we are gluing to ideal: a-sexual picture of parents.

The disavowal of (foggily recognized) sexual element in love between parents will dominate in psyche of future pop-believers, while being traumatized by it – in psyche of future homosexuals. In psychology of Christian belief we see de-erotization of the picture of parental love. In homosexuality we see refutation to take heterosexuality as a model. In the case of communist believer or American flagriot it is incestuous fixation (combined with sterile picture of parental relations) that, it seems, determines the over-cathexis of loyalty toward Mother-Country or Father-Political ideology. Self-sacrificial loyalty is an attempt of symbiotic intimacy – a merging with object. It is an attempt to dissolve ourselves in it, to loose ourselves in it. It is necessary to be traumatized by the lack of mother’s and father’s love to become flagriot or the fanatic of political cause – to seek their love symbolically.

What we are is determined by our past. Only what we do is our responsibility. If we’ll not learn the difference between the two, if we’ll not learn how to split what we are from what we do – we are in danger to be enslaved by authority – internal and external. The modicum of independence from socio-political authority is symmetrical with independence from the power of internal repressive figures, and the only way to get independent from these external oppressors and internal torturers is to persuade them that what I am is different from what I do. In international relations the equivalent of differentiation between identity and action is not to impose the identity of one country on another. It is exactly indiscreetness of direct projection of what US is into what it does to another countries – what is the problem with today’s administration’s way of thinking. And it was exactly the same with Soviet government that has projected its identity into other countries by ideological propaganda and violent doings! In relation to difference between identity and projection to otherness American flagriots are like gays and lesbians and fundamentalist Christians. They do what they are, and for this reason they create the opposition equal in strength to the intensity of their projection. Bush Jr. went to Iraq like gays and lesbians go to gay pride parades, like SRussians went to proclaim internationally their superiority under the superior banner of Communism!

Democracy is not only rights, but readiness and ability to sacrifice something for common peace of pluralistic society. Let Christian be Christians, flagriots be flagriots, and gays and lesbians be themselves for the sake of all them refraining from public brandishing of their private loyalties. Let’s return to civil religion. Not to do this is a recipe for totalitarization of society. And this is exactly what we see under today’s Badministration. The fighters for legalization of drugs, for example, unintentionally stimulate the fear that pushes flagriots into fanaticism and Christians into fundamentalism.

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