A Non-conformist Chinese Artist Analyses Horror with Humor

Chen Shaoxiong, “Antiterrorist Variety 1”, 2002 – 2003

Chen Shaoxiong, “Antiterrorist Variety 2”, 2002 – 2003

Chen Shaoxiong, “Antiterrorist Variety 2” in motion, 2002-3

A well-known artist reacts on Sept. 11disaster in these two video-installations. It looks that Chen Shaoxiong is laughing at the American decision-makers’ proclivity for trying to find technological solution to every possible problem including international terrorism (instead of addressing it through human existential intelligence and not only with high-tech weapons not capable to differentiate between child and terrorist). By using one of China’s super-modern cities as a background, the artist appeals to both, American and Chinese cultures, implying that they are equally one-sidedly oriented on technical “progress” to the neglect of the question of people’s humanistic education and psychological maturity.