Those Who Mainly Think (or Dream) About and Love Profit and Property before Anything Else

At what point does a human being stop to be the child of a man and a woman, of a human father and a human mother? What must happen to make him/her the child of currency, offspring of money? What kind of disaster should happen to transform the human mind into a banknote counter, the soul into a debit/credit calculator and heart into a fan of property designs and interior decorations?

This kind of disaster starts from childhood. When the human child is nurtured by human caretakers it identifies with their care and their characters. If it will grow amidst wolves it’ll identify with wolf pack’s way of life. Let’s imagine that a human child could be nursed and raised by trees or rocks then it would psychologically come to be like a tree or a rock. If it is nurtured by violent video-games it’ll become a video-game in human flesh. If the best thing that happened to children, according to their own feelings, is the relationship with their super-toys (high-tech toys), if contact with them are more intense and more positively charged than contact with parents or parental figures – the destiny of the children’s internal objects (the images of caretakers in children’s soul) will be weak and precarious – parents will not be incorporated enough, rooted in their children’s psyche, and then the child will not have the role-models for becoming adult – it will become underdeveloped in its very adultness. If something else will take the place of the human caretakers in children’s soul – the objects much less human, the child will not become human in full measure, it will psychologically become under-human (a-human or even anti-human). Here lies the danger not only for the individual who is underdeveloped in his humanness but for others who will come into a contact with such person. Any dehumanization of the human psyche equals indifference to others and exclusive concentration on the immediate needs without taking into consideration the human perspective. For example, identification with military toys literary nurtures indifference to human survival (including your own) – winning becomes more important than life. Child’s identification with the attacking toys directly means identification with inanimate murderers, even when murder is imaginary and part of the game. The children of attacking toys will be prone to transform life into a killing game.

What we are identified with when we are children defines what we become in our adulthood. The adult grows from the child’s identifications as a seed grows from the fruit. The dehumanized objects the child identifies with means a dehumanized condition of the future adult. When an American kid reaches a certain early age it understands very well that the king (and commander-in-chief) of life is not his/her mother or father but money, that money is a key from cornucopia of life, the magic rode creating treasures – that money is what defines the conditions of human life and how we live and feel and who we are. Today money becomes the real parent for the child, progenitor, and the ultimate frame of reference. It becomes “my” very destiny. We want money as our role model, our leader, our Fuhrer.

From the children who came from the families where the parents were not able to balance by their humanity the power of high-tech toys including money (parents who are themselves underdeveloped in their humanity and are in servitude of money and what they can purchase) grow the adults with greedy limbs and imagination – they have nothing else to live for than just calculate, consume and appropriate. Their parents didn’t provide them with existential spirituality, with the ability to feel disinterested intellectual curiosity and aesthetic pleasure, with mystical sensitivity and joy of feeling compassion and empathy. Be they rich or poor – everything for them is psychologically closed except money power and its henchman the military power, and the need to feel superior to others.

As a smart classic said, if the only tool at your disposal is a hammer you will see the world as a nail. To extrapolate this to the area of psychology – if the only desire you have is to have money, become wealthier (and, therefore, more powerful) you perceive the world as an obstacle (the enemy) which must be subdued and transformed into raw material for your enrichment/empowerment. Yesterday it was Bushmerican war-deciders and war-makers (who were drastically lacking human identifications and, therefore, sensitivity, empathy and rationality. Today it is the British Petroleum and Halliburton with their oil- eruption in the Golf of Mexico and plans for more drillings in the midst of ecological ruin. Tomorrow there will be other personifications of psychological lack of humanity.