Who are Bushmericans? They are Infantalized Americans

Infantilized Americans’ affective life is reduced to appropriation/ consumption (by financial – purchasing, or military – fighting and war-making, means). They are equipped with animosity and the desire to eliminate all obstacles for their appropriation/ consumption. They believe in their superiority and their right to crush anybody who refuses to accept “this fact”, and they are prone to concentrate on dissimilar people with boiling libidinous hate – BLH (passionate hating).

Bushmericans are a new edition of the militant Soviet communists (MSCs). MSCs as ideological idealists (their “materialism” was purely conceptual) were operating with the power of (communist) ideology, their (ruling) fist and (despotic) commands (PIFCs). Money was not part of their power keeping formula. Their ruthless will of believers along with their police and military power were doing the job. In comparison with MSCs global Bushmerican corporatists (GBCs) are materialists not only because of their dedication to personal and group enrichment as the main goal in life but also because money is their main weapon of operations in the world they try to conquer (by global economy and shock therapies), to manipulate (into an awesome consumerism) and if needed to subdue (by hiring armies).

The process of infantilization of the population is the strategy of the ruling elite when its members feel that their power can be in danger because of the “anarchic moods and immodest aspirations” of people who are on or are near the bottom of social pyramid. In pre-communist Russia the old power elite was not able to control the masses, and it was for much more ruthless – the communist, elite to be able to restore power of social hierarchs over the social bottom (power of the top over the bottom). Similar in essence process of change of power principles is taking place in U.S. since WW2. While liberal political elite started to follow people’s desire for farther liberation, the conservative elites embarked on a creative leap in their strategy of the handling the masses. Borrowing the form of ideological propaganda slogans from MSCs (anti-imperialistic rhetoric) conservatives started to invent one war after another (using anti-communist rhetoric), and simultaneously began to encourage the development of a giant system of mass-cultural pseudo-prosperity to distract/prevent people from continuation of political fight by democratic means for farther liberation.

Political propaganda and mass culture equally promote infantilization. Their style of communication is dyadically immediate and imperative – based on instant identification. In the Soviet Russia of the 20-30s the communist ruling elite couldn’t deploy “mass culture” – there was no economic and technological base for its functioning. But in U.S. after WW2 this base for creating omnipresent mass cultural industry already existed. Political propaganda (of “our” superiority over all another countries and our right to monitor their future) is effective with all the segments of the population – it is pleasant for everyone to believe that “we are better than everybody else”. But mass culture especially appeals to liberally sensitive people who are less psychologically prone to fight/hate/grab and more to keep a decent job, have fun and make love, and who have a taste for being liked and appreciated by others, and proclivity for artistic and intellectual self-realization.

Infantilization through megalomania and scapegoating is supported by infantilization through (mass-cultural) consumerism. These two halves produce a culture that excludes adulthood as too rational and too civil approach to reality, not bald and not highballed enough to squeeze from the world energies in such an extreme and boisterous manner that only children with adult muscles and hormones can enjoy.

BLH – boiling libidinous hate
MSCs – militant Soviet communists
GBCs – global Bushmerican corporatists
Similarity of anti-imperialist and anti-communist rhetoric
The creation of pseudo-prosperity is American power-elite’s post-2WW strategy
The infantilization of population by political and ideological propaganda
The infantilization of population by commercial advertisement
The exclusion of the adulthood in Bushmericanized American culture