The Two Masks of Socio-Political Conservatism – Smiling Face and Sharpened Teeth

Conservatives with smiling faces (CSFs) – are the ones who are usually called liberals, and yet they are still conservatives in spite of their smiling lips, and glimpses of dimply openness. They are conservatives because they cannot move forward and overcome the inertia of socio-political environment. Their legs become too heavy when they struggle to move towards socio-political innovation.

Liberals with sharpened teeth (LSTs) – are the ones who are usually called conservatives, and yet they are liberals in spite of the saliva of hate squirting out from their teeth in a form of violent and extremist verbalizations. They are liberals in spite of their abusive language and predatory hate coloring their world-destructive style of self-enrichment. They are liberals because they believe that they are the ideological vanguard of humankind, that their political system is better than and above all the others and that, therefore (and here they are slightly different from CSFs), they are entitled to do whatever they feel will suit their desires.

Megalomania, the absence of humility before other cultures and messianic complex open the way for acting out – either less irrationally (through “tough negotiations”, duplicitous diplomacy and political bribery) or directly, in Bushmerican style (through blackmail, assaults and attacks). Slavery for four centuries and great democratic utopia, both are the result of megalomania, and so are the nuclear blasts of 1945 or frivolous adventures like terrifying Iraq war. Two thousand years of Christianity didn’t teach CSFs and LSTs humility. Megalomania transformed Christianity into fundamentalism, the crusades and torturing and burning the heretics and witches – the behaviors which are felt by those who participate in them as full of glory. Belief in being better than others makes people feel that they possess God’s protection and will be saved after death.

Of course, nothing in megalomania is uniquely American. Russians had their own monumental dream – of Communist paradise on earth through their super-human efforts. Because of this dream they also felt themselves as being the best and the strongest in the world. They believed that their communist belief will protect them from all dangers. Now they have lost this great inflated feeling, and only a minority amongst them has retrieved it through accumulation and possession of super-money. Who made it from Communism to Moneyism still feel great. Basically it is the same road as the American trip from a Great Democratic prospect to becoming “the richest and strongest people in the world”. Although only two-three percents of the population have reached their destination into the garden of wealth the rest through their identification with this exceptional and shining group still keep high the banner of optimism in spite of unemployment, growing homelessness and reliance on food banks to feed themselves and their families.

The Russian Communism and the American Democracy both have been reduced with time to material plenitude for the tiny minorities of their populations. But Russians and Americans continue to dream – this time about forcing their way into the clan of international (global) rich. Semi-legal or simply outright illegal ways to achieve it has become more and more acceptable. Today’s poor learn from the today’s rich risky (richsky) financial behavior. Like the rich make money by reselling bad loans some desperate poor make “business” by selling their food stamps and even the food they get at the food bank for extra-cash. The growing American addiction to war making becomes an equivalent of making profit on the financial collapses. To kill in war is for the poor what financial schemes are for the globalist entrepreneurs.