In February a disaster invaded our country – Covid-19. Many people had already fallen victims of this disease, but the doctors, nurses and the medical personnel in general continue to do the hard work of saving Americans. Unfortunately, prejudices and superstitions were also part of some people’s reaction on the disaster. The foreign and Americans specialists of high professional level make resistance to Covid-19 productive and optimistic.

Reaction on the pandemic by Those with Entrenched Psychology

Foreigners with monstrous viruses attack our country. Not surprising – they envy our unique economic achievements, our wealth and health. So, they try to destroy our greatness, smartness and prosperity – they are contaminating us with viruses – with alive poisons. Our leader has built the border wall – first, the wooden one – which our enemies penetrated, after that he built the metal one – they somehow went through it. The first price for the wall was in the millions, the second in billions, and now the price is closer to trillions. And still our enemies armored with viruses managed to come to our health and our bodies. Now we are paying for these walls with our money – with our medical care payments-painments and with costs for our food. But we are happy that we participate in handling the difficult situation.

Our leader understood that the virus is coming to us with the wind – with the wind from a foreign lands. This virus is flying in the air like fish swims in the water. How to destroy this son of a bitch? Oh, we have the answer – we have nuclear technology! We have to bomb foreign lands sending to us their viruses – if the air over and around them will be contaminated with radiation then these disgusting viruses will be paralyzed and destroyed. Or do they? Our leader, we can be sure, right now is consulting with specialists in money-making to resolve this issue.

We are sure that viruses even with the devil’s crown on their miserable tiny heads, will not fly to us as soon as they will be paralyzed by radiation and fall to the revolting ground of foreign countries. But, of course, a new problem will be how to stop the wind from carry to our sacred land the radiation. Still, we are sure – our belief carries us – that our leader will solve this task as confidently and successfully, as he did other difficult tasks. We will help him.