Rich Profit-Makers Want War Because of their Interests, But Many Poor Want War Emotionally – for Self-Realization

With $549 billion requested for basic military expenditures and another $159 billion requested for U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – the record $708 billion military spending called for by the Obama administration for fiscal 2011 will be nearly equivalent to the military spending of all other nations in the world combined. When it comes to military appropriations, the U.S. government already spends about seven times as much as China, thirteen times as much as Russia, and seventy-three times as much as Iran.
Lawrence S. Wittner, “How Much is enough? America’s Runaway Military Spending”

The rich profit-makers’ (RPMs) passions are connected with their financial interests – with their dreamed, calculated and planned profits. They need wars because they need the conquered territories (to extract the minerals, to flood with artificial products, to lock these countries into eternal debt, to repress their economic and political development toward democracy, to separate their elites from the population, to make these countries their satellites, and by this to be in charge of the world). But the poor people on or near the bottom of the social pyramid (PPBSPs) also need wars because only through fight with enemies of their country and through risking life (and/or by publicly hating enemy and sissy anti-war liberals) they can achieve feeling that they are living meaningfully: making a difference in the world, are needed and respected by the people who are higher in social status and income for protecting them from the enemies, and being courageous servicemen quite capable to overcome primitive cowardice and egoism. In other words, for PPBSPs the only way to prove that they are human beings not worse than anybody else is to be soldiers in wars – by the probable price of their life and health, and/or by being loudly and aggressively pro-war.

The poor people at the bottom of social pyramid (PPBSPs) really need wars to prove to the others and to themselves their humanity and nobility, and to be sure that they are also capable of achieving something – victory or self-sacrifice. For them wars is the way toward their value as human beings. In this sense, societies’ proclivity for wars is intimately connected with the very existence of the bottom people as potential recruits and flag-riots (jingoists), for whom other ways of self-realization are closed-up.

Let’s imagine that the bottom people disappear – that the majority of society become middle class. Then the dreams of the country’s financial elites about their domination over the world will not be realizable – together with prosperity and education to the middle class people the taste for life comes (and confidence based on self-respect). They start to take their right for self-realization through peaceful channels, without the necessity to risk their lives, for granted. Democracy means the elimination of PPBSPs – their appropriation into the community of the middle class. Middle class prosperity means the end of the unconditional domination of the socio-economic elite (rich profit-makers – RPMs): for them to agree to co-exist with the middle class (to contribute to general prosperity) means to sacrifice their profits and the chance to dominate their own country and the world. Middle class people understand that they are human in the same sense as RPMs and that they are entitled to equality and respect regardless of how much money they are able to send to politicians’ election/re-election campaigns.

So, the task of RPMs is to pauperize the middle class. And that’s exactly what they have been doing starting with Bushmerican rule from 2000 to 2008 and continuing to do after with all the ferocity of despair of being under Democratic President and Congress. Pauperization of the country is their only chance to enlarge the quantity of the bottom people and to activate their typical social behavior – that is to look for recognition and appreciation through hate towards enemies and readiness for self-sacrifice in war.

Of course, pauperization of middle class can only work together with fabrication of enemies and wars. Here came Iraq that had nothing to do with 9/11 but was focus-pocus of BCR’s (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld) uganda-propaganda, Afghanistan (readily offered to collaborate by handing Ben Ladin over to the international court eight years ago and that today doesn’t have a discernable Al Qaeda’s presence, and the future wars – with Iran and, probably, Venezuela. “According to Chalmers Johnson, a political scientist and former CIA consultant, as much as $250 billion per year is used to maintain some 865 U.S. military bases in more than forty countries… The money also goes to fund vast legions of private military contractors. A recent Pentagon report estimated that the Defense Department relies on 766,000 contractors at an annual cost of about $155 billion, and this figure does not include private intelligence organizations. A ‘Washington Post’ study, which included all categories, estimated that the Defense Department employs 1.2 million private contractors… Enormously expensive air and naval weapon systems account for a substantial portion of the Pentagon’s budget. But exactly who are these high tech, Cold War weapons to be used against? Certainly they have little value in a world threatened by terrorism… I don’t think any terrorist has ever been shot by a nuclear submarine.” (Lawrence S. Wittner, ibid)

Pauperization of everyday life in US plus war equals to multiplication of bottom/near bottom people (PPBSPs) ready to fulfill the plans of the financial elite with their passions and bodies. RPMs can prosper only if globalist wars exist and are accepted and cathected by the masses. But symmetrically, the bottom people (PPBSPs) can also exist only through wars (actual or in a preparatory phase). Paradoxically and tragically, the interests of RPMs and PPBSPs are… similar. If by destroying the middle class the financial elite and its political puddles achieve the enlargement of the bottom people for whom the only way to exist is to enlist and/or call for war, their dominant position in US and the world is guaranteed. Their modus operandi is to stabilize their dominance by de-stabilizing their country and the world’s existence. But what is for them the country and the world in comparison with the supreme importance of their profits and dominant position?

That’s how Stalin and his operatives felt and acted. They believed they have the right to their power because it is given to them by the god of Communism. For our RPM’s god is two-faced: it is profit and power. To serve this god (to be its worshippers) they need power. With this logic they will go to the end (like their predecessors – Communists and Nazis did) because the more voracious their megalomania is the more they feel themselves as believers who are modestly, with humility dedicated to the absolute, super-human, godly wisdom of profit/power.