*Bill-Mills (Billionaires-Millionaires)

What is the psychological superglue between Trump’s mass supporters and Trump-the double puppet who from one side belong to the costly cast of bill-mills and from the other to the adoring him mob of conservative fanatics dreaming to become like him – perceiving him as their idol and role model?

His alliance with the wealthy is simple like a dimple – they need politicians at their disposal, and Drump is under hand. If he will not menace, blackmail, verbally insult, force people to work without payment, separate children-American citizens and parents-emigrants, etc., his position will be in grave danger. They use him to multiply their wealth and power over the population, while he uses them to save his title – when your soul is mired money is the best – magic cleanser.

While most of his supporters are fanatics of loyalty and obedience, some of them are conservative fanatics of wealth and power. The first category dreams that the “leader like Trump – bold with balls – will eventually call them out to create order-border in the country. These power hungry people feel violated by the existence of “democrats with empty scrotums and lovers of LGBTs”. And they’re ready to “take back the streets of our supreme country”. But the second category – fanatics of unlimited wealth are… identifying with the super rich – they want to achieve what bill-mills already have. They’re in love with those who are dressed in money and they believe that with a leader like Lump the crowns of super-profit will land on their heads as well. In comparison with these previous two groups the middle class electorate needs Bump in their own way – they militantly don’t want to be transformed into poor. Middle class trumpeters, as political scientists have been explaining for decades are the solid part of the fascist flesh. General pauperization creates panic and fascist psychological defense which makes these people feel more confident in fight for survival.

The fanatics of unlimited wealth in comparison with other categories of neocon supporters of Cramp feel underappreciated, and this stimulates their megalomaniacal self-feeling more and more. Because of their very limited humanistic education (some of them may have it, but took it formally, at best ironically, just for grades). It’s not surprising that their calculating thinking predisposition is prone to share their calculations about the world with their utopian imaginary.

For them the only way to achieve what they dream about is to start to unconsciously or semi-consciously psychologically deploy the tricky instrument of identification with somebody much worthier than they, somebody whose social value obviously in contrast with their own. What is normal for the child who is identifying with particular adult to become similar with him in order to learn how to be equal to him/her, is a sign of alarming underdevelopment for poor or not too poor conservatives identifying with their super-wealthy role-models deliriously – they feel that they are already equal to them without any evidence which can confirm it. They think that as soon as they admire the wealthy they are already or very soon will be as gloriously baptized by money as personifications of their ideal. And this is the reason they support Trump – as if they support themselves! This absurd configuration in the minds of the cons hooked on somebody else’s wealth is what makes them so passionately support their leader. The more desperate these people will become in front of reality whispering them that they are really not like those whom they support with their votes, the more hateful they will become towards reality and other people.

The humanistically uneducated people are responsive to political propaganda because they need a consolation. For this reason they believe in a strong top-leader, in over-powerful money, in their right to mistreat other people who, as they afraid, hate them and are trying to rob them of limited prosperity they have. They feel the need to defend themselves from those whom they don’t understand. Because most democratic politicians have studied the multi-directed nature of a complicated modern society, but supporters of Trump and the super-rich don’t understand it – they’re suspicious of everything connected with the democrats and aren’t able to grasp how the super-rich are lying to and disorienting them. The only thing which can help them and the country in general is a free humanistic education on the college level. Without it they will never be able to comprehend, that to shut down the government and force people to work without getting paid means that these actions transform human beings into slaves. But even if they could understand it they could enjoy it even more – for them to reach status of slave owner could be sign of success, wealth and power. Deeply inside these people could be happy to be a traditional masters over people – a despots with bravado hubris feeling flattered that slaves work for them and at the same time unconditionally admiring them. That is a unconscious fundament of the super-wealthy’s pleasure of reducing salaries of the workers.