Prosperous Daily Life Full of Freedoms, Consumerism and Entertainment Until… the Sudden Intervention of the Revolting Pandemic – Covid-19 and the Humiliation – the Necessity of Having to Wear Masks Against Other People’s Unbearable Exhaling the Viruses…

People lived, drank beer, had an ice cream, exchanged everyday stupidities or wisdoms, jumped at the coffee shops or restaurants, were exhaling and inhaling breath until step by step they discovered that more and more people become either semi or very sick. At first, they started to ignore the monstrous Covid-19, soon they started to hate it and try to suffocate it with extra-alcohol and strong exciters, but as it progressed many of us getting really sick and others unfortunately were dying. Happily but very slowly the vaccine has started to gradually juice through.

Some people accept and surrender to the necessity of having to use masks as recommended by physicians, but for many it unexpectedly become a “morally” difficult issue. Scientists and physicians insist that masks are for now the surest way to prevent the spread of the virus, including social distancing, but more and more people have started to… resist – for them a masked-up life has quickly been transformed into what they consider as an infringement on their freedoms, rights and independence – principle of stubbornness quickly becoming their anti-mask motivation. People started to hold childish beliefs in their ability to conquer the disease with their human organism – the power of human vitality as such. More, it has become a matter of greatness or weakness of a particular person – the ability to resist and then fight the virus without any masks! People transformed themselves into a kind of a per-adolescent rebels, a kind of maniacs of self-aggrandizement.

People who’re addicted to the influence of Donald Trump and have a tendency to follow him like poppy – the dog-mother insist that they don’t need to wear masks even when it’s required by law. They follow Trump’s authority not to submit to wearing masks. Of course, Trump’s main reason is political – Trump started to contradict the “mask point” of the American scientists, democrats and physicians who follow the scientific findings and model of thinking. Of course, scientists and humanistic scholars in US and Europe started to wear masks and Trump took it as Democrats’ insistence on masks, and this made him angry but furious. Numerous Trump supporters loudly joined their pompous leader. The whole country quickly cracked into two camps. Of course, Democratic governors and mayors of cities insisted on masks and social distancing but conservative governors and mayors as a rule did not. And, of course, the conservative majority of the American population (with the help of right wing talk shows) are prone to look with animosity at people who follow the rules and wear masks. It’s rather difficult to get information on how many people wearing masks are saved from the virus in comparison with the mask-less – how the presence or absence of wearing masks reflects the death statistics of Covid-19. As it’s possible to imagine – the absence of masks is fatal for survival.

In the wake of the horrifying Wednesday January 6th, when Trump’s mob stimulated by their leader – stormed into Capitol Building breaking, vandalizing, stealing (computers, important papers and valuable relics), the hooligans forced the four of the congresswomen, who were pushed and locked up in a small dense room with many “mask-less” people – all four got the Covid-19 virus. Where were their masks – you can ask. The answer, probably is – under the feet of the attackers.

The most extreme followers of the top conservative leader have souls of those without any humanistic education – they move only by commands, demands and toughness. What will happen to our country, to the American dream, to freedom and thinking, to compassion and love for our fellow Americans and care about all Americans? What will happen to the human body which is transformed into machine-guns?

Trump and his disciples are not just against wearing masks, of course – they don’t believe in the existence of Covid-19 virus in general. They think that the very virus Americans are dying by hundreds per day – is not real, that if some people are dying – it is not because of the virus, but because they had some other underlying health conditions, that the whole Covid-19 virus is invented by democrats (in order to… destroy American economy!) Finally, Trump and his cohort don’t believe in vaccine against the virus. Just imagine – half of the population in US are people informed by science, while the other half are – believers in prejudices and superstitions. Of course, a large number of anti-science people are… dying from Covid-19 and related illnesses without understanding it.

Frankly, Trump’s followers unconsciously feel that they’re able to “conquer death” – that they’re exceptionally courageous and healthy, that they are extraordinary people and that, let say, even if they are not completely – immortal they at least will be able to resist what the “miserable democrats” have invented and have suggested to the weak-minded people who have surrendered to science (and its quack doctors). Yes, it is a kind of megalomania, but Trump is very serious about it – it’s all his success with people is standing on it. Trump calls it his personal exceptionalism.

Trump is a very cruel and misanthropic – he can tolerate only obedient people. He believes in his own genius, that he is a genuine genius, as Stalin thought about himself. He is cruel, morbidly vengeful if somebody dares to sincerely disagree with him (he takes it as a betrayal). He is so sure, that not even he himself, but his hand or foot or liver (as people like to joke) is always right, even prophetic. We have to protect the young generation, until it is not too late.