When we humans eat something tasty we don’t want the food to fall from the mouth. Conversely, we want to swallow it. But when we have to eat something disgusting we don’t want, we could prefer the food to fall out of our mouths and dream to open them as wide as possible.

We see here how an Administrative Judge (The magistrate – Umberto P. Quintavalle) – one of the four leading fascists presiding over a group of post-adolescent girls and boys they have selected as guinea pigs for their “pedagogic” inspiration – is teaching his victim (Sergio Fascetti) how to eat human excrements (“if something is unbearably unpleasant you must overcome your torment and just do it).

The inability to eat excrements (only one among many ordeals the recruits must go through), according to the fascist libertines in their self-appointed position of master-pedagogues is radical weakness of human nature to reach “freedom“: to overcome the natural – primitive tastes and be able to follow commands of the commanders whatever they are. In this still, the top administrator, after kissing Sergio’s lips and forehead (he himself just swallowed a lot of fecal matter and wants to mark Sergio’s ordeal) is checking how to grade Sergio’s ability for being “liberated” and capable to live with “free will”.

In comparison with the previous libertine pedagogue – the specialist in justice, a person moved by the direct logic of violence and hate for people, the President (Aldo Valetti) is full of wit and verbal playfulness of his own style. He is ordering to one of the guards watching the victims – who is also going through the fascist guru’s lessons and is exemplarily obedient young men – to say loudly (while stretching his mouth wide open) – “I cannot eat rice with my fingers like this”, hinting at famous Italian joke of that time, masking itself as a pop-wisdom.

The clip illustrating this joke of fascist times.

The guard, trying sincerely enjoying the mouthful of excremental meal just because his master wants him to feel positive about it, repeats exactly what the President told him to say.

And here the president as if in response solemnly pronounces “smart“ and “wise“ “pedagogical wisdom”: “Then eat merda!“ (“Excrements” in Italian). Of course, even fascists don’t think that excrements are tasty. But the joke indirectly refers to the general fascist orientation on becoming completely artificial as a part of technological mechanicalness of social behavior. Fascism expects from its recruits not just to become constructed with technological efficiency, but be super-efficient and unconditionally dominate over nature outside and inside themselves. Absolute domination over people and nature by any price is the ultimate slogan in all the variants of fascism.