Heinrich Himmler, whose the most respectable position in the Nazi hierarchy was Reichsfuhrer SS (Top commander of SS), in his young age was prosperously growing chicken farmer. As we see on the photo he is very proud of his wife’s fertility and the future of his son. In other words, Himmler was rather a typical man. But “Power” over other people has a seductive “power” of Devil, so Himmler became vice-“power” over German police, “Powerful” Minister of Interior and radiating “power” Chief of Gestapo (Secret police).

Adolph Hitler and Joseph Goebbels both are shinning, more – both irradiating sunbeams because they both have in their hands on one of the cultural masterpieces of German culture – a painting made by the very hands of Aryan glory. In between them behind we see a rather burly man devoting his full smile to Hitler’s ecstatic face. The “middle” man’s repulsive smile is obviously that of a professional ass-kisser-licker.

Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels exchange loyalty and love. Matching of Hitler’s uniform and Goebbels’ civilian dress is not by chance here. Nazism, it seems, tries to emphasize here its civilian – just human side.

German women, a minority in Poland, are happy that German troops are entering part of Polish territories as an occupying forces

Swedish girls are almost libidinously enthusiastic to see Hitler visiting Sweden

Why are culturally uneducated people so passionately in love with a culturally uneducated political leaders? Why do they dream for a leader who as their fatherly figure irradiates not compassion but power? Why regular German men want to surrender to Hitler instead of perceiving him as a role model and teacher? Because, they are identifying with him, as if, with him nearby they feel themselves stronger, smarter, and even somehow… mightier. Hitler was never considered to be a clever or courageous man (not even to talk about being wise), until the young German men started to feel a desperate need for a figure like him as model for imitation. The more Hitler condemned, insulted, hated, humiliated and expressed contempt for other human beings the more he gained fame and popularity. The more revoltingly Hitler behaved himself with other people the more love for him his admirers felt. And here he is – lightning amidst darkness. In the photo above people look at Hitler like a sword out of scabbard. But not only this. They feel the leader’s paternal love – they feel that the leader needs them, they’re his sons, his soldiers, and he is waiting for their great deeds, for conquering the world!

Hitler is bravado-posing in front of his boys – in front of his guard, his troops, his… people – his obedient happy alive toys.

Oh, my god! We see this daily on TV! Worship of the pop top or the top pop political leader! Look at the man on the lower right corner of the photograph. He cannot take his eyes from Fuhrer. He takes an incredible effort to continue looking at Hitler’s face – the face of the… saint! Look at this man’s ossified chin which makes him able to continue to – see the face of the leader! But look at the man next to the first one, but closer to the center. He is not more strained than the first one. But he is, probably, psychologically stronger in his fixation on the Fuhrer’s sacred features. His whole face is as if, petrified – just to keep up his concentration on the supernaturally close distance between Hitler and… him, a common person, as if transformed into his own eyes. And look at the woman right behind the second man in the white shirt. She is, as if welcoming Hitler’s face, as the face of her own just born baby. The woman is looking at Hitler, as if at a revelation, as an apparition. She, as if wants to… nurture Him forever. Her baby also looks at the Fuhrer while keeping little swastika above. The baby, for sure will remember Hitler’s face forever. The top leader’s mystification is of the absolute, never ending power. And it can takes decades, may be centuries of tireless humanistic education to help people to return to the sacred truth of simple but noble human life. If, of course, humanistic education will be still allowed.