The worse the conditions of life and the higher stress – the more inflamed the hateful alertness towards the dissimilar others (DOs) on part of the suffering masses of population. One hotdog with sauerkraut less = more bites of hate toward the DOs will follow. If we expect one ice cream cone less in future it will produce in us even more hate toward DOs. One less ticket for a Hollywood entertainment (five images of Robin Cruse or Tom Williams less) = an additional energy of hate toward Dos. And so on and so forth. It looks like the less fun and comfort we have the more compensation in the form of righteous hate we need. Hate comes when comfort and entertainment is in lack. Hate is fun and comfort in negative. It is what we produce when we under-consume.

In countries with flattened and devalued humanistic education and bastardized art (due to mass-cultural taste in consumers and financial over-calculation in producers), where animation cartoon and video-games are preferred forms of self-identification and self-recognition, proportion between dissatisfaction of consumerist needs and narcissistic complexes and, on the other side, the expression of hate toward DOs is direct. Only during the Democratic periods when some people get the chance to study and compare their limitations (their dependence on infantile psychological patterns) with intellectual and spiritual advances registered in serious arts and humanistic sciences, this simple formula: less satisfaction = more stress = stronger suspicious hate towards DOs (dissimilar others) becomes less articulate. In US, today, the reactions of the uneducated/undereducated majority (UUM) are pretty simple. They’re like the elementary melodies everybody can play on a piano with one shy but ambitious finger.

Our American top-pop-political leader (TPPL) is automatically always right, the smarter and more moral in comparison with leaders of other countries. We’re the best country in the world. Our religion (religion of our great ancestors) is axiomatically the best. While some people and groups (German Nazis, for example) wrongly believed that they’re more advanced than another groups, our belief in our superiority is correct, we are indeed superior, what can you do with this objective truth? Human ability to figure skate like this on the shining ice of narcissism is inexhaustible.

Reality is erased in front of our narcissism. We like other countries cuisines not because they are better than our cheeseburgers and beacon, of course, they are worse, but because we, with our bottomless curiosity and generosity, and proneness to endless experiments, are ready to appropriate things other cultures create – we are ready to give them chance to please us, to satisfy us, to make us entertained.

Americans are believers – not necessarily in a religious sense, but psychologically. The function of the world for them is to confirm their beliefs. If, for some reasons, our beliefs aren’t confirmed – the problem, of course, cannot be that our beliefs are not correct. The problem is with people or countries which aren’t confirming that we are right. And it’s exactly otherness in those who disagree with our beliefs is responsible for disagreement – they disagree because they are not as good as we are, because they’re wickedly different in their beliefs, ideas, goals and tastes. You don’t need to think too much here – why would others disagree with us, our beliefs and what we do. Countries and people refusing to confirm our right and good beliefs are against the truth. They want to destroy us, our happiness. Countries and people criticizing us are obviously against humanism and love as such. They’re also against their own interests because they don’t understand them – we are the ones who understand what is good for them and their interests better than they themselves. They are not only unwise; they are against wisdom, sobriety and rationality incarnated in our points of view. The truth and wisdom is deeply rooted in our American beliefs. We don’t need evidence – facts and logic to operate with facts. Our beliefs are deeper than facts and wiser than logic. The eyes of our beliefs are so sharp that they see through darkness, through stonewalls, through the thickness of the planetary globe.

American conservative leaders act according to what their beliefs tell them. It’s their decisive difference from conservative statesmen like Kissinger or General Scowcroft – people of facts and thinking. They tried to achieve goals through knowledge and rational concentration. But the conservative administration of today consists of the people whose feelings are based on their beliefs – everything must be as I see it because my belief says that it is the truth. In comparison the decision makers in Nazi Germany were more cognitively independent. For example, when Hitler said something like that the masterful propaganda will make people believe that hell is paradise and vice versa, he still kept that paradise or hell are semantically separate unmixable areas with distinctive features that can be objectively identified. In comparison today’s American leaders feel that paradise and hell are whatever their mood says they are. If Hitler was a specialist in propaganda, people like Bush Jr. or Trump are spontaneous/natural propagandists by the call of their not even hearts, but aortas. They themselves fall for their propaganda inspirations, melted in them. What for Hitler was a trick, for today’s pop-political leaders (PPBLs) is natural truth magic. Hitler fabricated truth, but today’s PPBLs let the truth imitate their beliefs beyond the very distinction between real and unreal, genuine and imaginary. Hitler was more cynical, while today’s conservative leaders are more simplemindedly credulous before waves and winds of their own beliefs and bluffs covered by banknotes.

American narcissistic believers (unconditional believers in their beliefs) lead the world through beliefs in their will and the will of their beliefs. Their profit-orientation is protected by being fused with their beliefs and power of their will. That’s how global corporations (g-corporations) go to the world. G-corporate think-tankers feel that they have a god given right for pumping up their profits because it’s part of their beliefs and will, of their truth. They don’t see their profit-orientation simply as profit-orientation. They perceive it holistically as a part of their noble identity of somebody who has a supernatural gift to meet Truth with Belief. You can steal, rob and kill as soon as you are a semi-religious/semi-secular believer endowed with the gift of your conviction. These people are creators of their truths by the alchemy of believing in them.