American Neo-conservative Politicians Serve the One-percent of the Population as Stalin’s Communist Party Did in Soviet Russia of Late Thirties

Of Romney’s forty identified foreign policy advisers, more than 70 percent worked for Bush… If we take the candidate at his word, a Romney presidency would move toward war against Iran; closely align Washington with the Israeli right; refuse to negotiate with the Taliban; reset the Obama administration’s “reset” with Russia; and pursue a military buildup at home… Romney’s malleability is an advantage for his neo-con advisers, giving them an opportunity to shape his worldview, as they did with Bush after 9/11.
Ari Berman, “Mitt Romney’s Neo-con War Cabinet”, “The Nation”, May 21, 2012, p. 11, p. 17

Like Communist ideology (for the sake of which millions of pauperized Russians were ready to sacrifice themselves during post-revolutionary Civil War, and many of them proudly succeeded) cannibalistically turned against the population in 1937 with Stalin’s purges – today in US a not less despotic ideology of money/profit uber alles (above everything) has turned against the 99 percent of Americans: it digests people’s assets and public services for the sake of multiplying the global profits for the 1 percent of the population. By the efforts of new-American neo-Stalinist – Republican and Tea-publican politicians, the ideology of money/profit (IMP) is in a process of taking-away the bargaining power of the remaining fraction of unionized Americans, of inventing and enforcing austerity measures, transferring people’s jobs to Third World countries, reducing people’s affordable medical services, cutting pensions for elderly and food-stamps for the needy, and destroying the general education for children through its privatization and de-secularization and college education for the youth by raising the tuition up to the height of the mountain tops and clouds (that only kids from rich families, birds and grizzlies could apply).

The sweeping money-attack on American people today by its intensity and scope is comparable with Stalin’s mass repressions in late thirties. Of course, mass arrests are not part of the picture yet (the advance of neo-con apparatchiks is mainly financial), but legal justification for mass detentions has been already prepared in jurisprudentially elaborated form by the hierarchical layers of loyal lawyers (LLLs) serving American financial elite that is in a panic of resistance from the population. Let’s not forget that in Russian repressions of the late thirties 99 percent of accusations and justifications of the sentences were fabricated, but on legal papers they looked not more bizarre than the Russian language (like regular words and sentences).

In SRussia (Soviet Russia) where Stalinism was not that of a financial but directly ideological nature, about twenty million of the falsely accused people perished in Gulag. But what will happen here in US as a result of planned and financed by the pit-bull- and pit-bill-billionaires – campaign against American people?

We saw how it happened in SRussia – the more deprivations Stalin imposed on the people the more humanistically/liberally uneducated (psychologically conservative) majority of SRussians -“respected” and “loved” him, his hairy fists and double-tailed mustache, his solemn and “penetrating” gaze, and his limping leg (the attribute of a hurrah-hero), his cruelty (which they perceived as “toughness”, power, strength and heroic will). If to consider how cognitively helpless and intellectually vulnerable the masses of population were in SRussia, and are in today’s US – in front of, simultaneously, epic and boiling conservative propaganda, if to remember how deprived they are of historical knowledge, to what degree their political and ideological reactions are determined by emotions and not by reason, by frustration and not by cool observation, the prognosis of what will happen soon cannot be too uplifting and heaven-holding, and too mountain-stabilizing. The masses always tend to be conservative in their sensibility, but today, in addition, they are angered by the coming austerity measures and are impatient to kick liberal asses and donkeys (that, as they were told, are responsible for diminishing living standards). For these people it’s very difficult to get that a presidential candidate of wealth/power Mitt Romney is not a human personality but a processor of currencies. They are passive worshippers of money (miney) and power (powar). The humanistically not-educated people can be only psychologically idolatrous, they can realize themselves politically only through bowing in front of power (as it was in SRussia) or in front of power and wealth, power through wealth (as it is in US) and simultaneously, through hate for scapegoats (the fake enemies pointed out for them by conservative propaganda of hate: hate-paganda). The support of the conservative poor for pro-austerity politicians is the consequence of the withering of humanistic education (the necessity to finance it Democrats surrendered to the conservative paws and claws thirty-forty years ago; the Limbaughs and Bushes, Hannitys and Santorums are simply filling the abyss in people’s education with their hell-paganda).

The conservative masses identify with idol of power/wealth that victimizes them, and when they are actually victimized they give themselves over to power with a blissful feeling of total self-realization, although they themselves never were power or wealth. They feel happy while looking at or imagining the rich, famous, glamorous and amorous. But still they for a short period can become real power – in a period between the time when they are just satisfied with their feeling of disinterested love for the powerful and wealthy and the moment when they will be betrayed and sacrificed by them. It is the times when they are used by the financial elite to harass, intimidate and torment people with humanistic education and with critical voice, and also national and life-style minorities. These moments which correspond to the fascist periods of human history are the sweetest for the conservative masses because only then they feel themselves as not only worshippers and sacrificial lambs but as real fists and guns.