Like transgression needs an ideology justifying it, ideology needs transgression. The criminals feel that they have the right to commit crime because “they were abused”, or “were victims of injustice”, etc. The same is with group or nation ready to trespass the law (“we have the right to revenge”). We feel justified indignation against those “who hate us”. We become ready to fight, kill, to die. Transgression of law is always transgression for the sake of the “monarch” – monarch, leader, gensec, president, etc. (even if this monarch is our suffering ego unconsciously identified by us with a suffering god, profit, saint, hero, tortured soul). Investigation of any transgression of law or conscience should always look for the monarch inside the transgressor’s unconscious.

For people who believe that nothing is more important than pursuing the ideal of financial power with the prowess of financial profit-making – to be transgressors of the law is honorable. For financial or political transgressors to follow the law is to be subdued by bureaucratic reason, by procedural logic. To transgress the laws of financial behavior it means to prove one’s valor in serving the monarch – the more I challenge the existing regulatory financial laws the better it is for our economy and for my country.

This explains the intensity and the righteousness of neocons’ hate towards the liberal democrats. This hate is not completely materialistic. It is archaically idealistic. To appropriate god as my helper and guard and to consume his mercy is not less predatory than to seize/appropriate resources (the commons) of your own and other countries – “militant free trade rhetoric about prying markets opened with crowbars is redolent of economic warfare.” (Hazel Henderson). The more you kill or torture the more you have proven your dedication to your monarch – for the sake of you I am ready to transgress! Who loves you more – the one who does everything that is allowed for the sake of you or someone who is ready to do criminal things also?