The Smartness of Human Technical Intelligence Has Been Overrated by Ruling Elites’ Pathetic Megalomania

One could say that democracy is a form of societal psychotherapy. Jacques Alain Miller

There is no intelligence in the “Little Boy” and the “Fat Man” or in today’s Japanese leadership’s refutation to follow people’s will and shut down the contaminating Fukushima nuclear station – only high-tech robotics.

Psychological fragmentation is a consequence of stress. People start to think in terms of the moment, impulsively, too emotionally, without taking into consideration the larger picture and longer range of time – they start to think in small portions of their mind, as if, they psychologically and intellectually shrink. They make decisions and produce ideas, as if, they are striking sparks in the dark.

Today, in times of technical professions, the technical mind – the small fragments of human psychological wholeness, became overgrown and is close to replacing the old human mind. Technical mind – the proclivity to think about life in terms of problems as cut from the larger context of life, usually starts to dominate human thinking in desperate historical periods when problems get out of control and people don’t know what to do, when growing frustration makes people think in a tiny doses, as if, putting a magnifying glass on isolated spots of life. The technical effectiveness of fragmentary (like, for example, profit uber alles orientation) thinking is only momentary. Problems may look as if solved only by cutting them from the context – isolating it from its larger connections in space and time. Purely technical (applied, engineering, problem-shooting) thinking is not addressing societal and environmental consequences of technical “solutions”, is not thinking about them. This pseudo-effectiveness of technico-scientific thinking is increasingly dangerous because of accumulation of problems which are result of non-addressing the wider perspective of human life. Today we live in a time when “technico-scientific progress” that has been loudly/proudly praised and more and more financially loaded with every generation, puts the very life on Earth in apocalyptic danger – the more technical solutions of partial problems multiply in the thickness of history – the more their destructive results are growing to an excessive degree.

For centuries social elites have been singing heavenly songs to technical progress – they wanted to stay in power and are sincerely believed and even more firmly today, that as soon as more power and money for them and technical, manipulative thinking is good for them it is good for “humankind” also. They continue to advertize perfections of technical mind to the crudely credulous masses hungry for an excuse to feel proud of themselves as the crown of creation, as the carriers of God’s wisdom. But with continuous man-made destruction of the environment and human health there is more and more evidence of catastrophic non-efficiency of technical sciences and manipulative/”positivistic” thinking. In holistic sense, techno-science is such a crude tool that in the long run it brings more disasters than improvements. It could work for humans if the mind of human psychological wholeness was controlling the technical-scientific thinking and participated in the decisions about financing R&D. But instead of holistic thinking, R&D today is controlled by the ruling elite and its obsession with getting more power and wealth, instead of being concerned about the well-being of vast human populations.

We certainly don’t have fewer wars than our ancestors did, and our wars are incomparably more destructive (grateful to our techno-intellectual psychological fragment which we deployed instead of our human mind). We are more belligerent than our ancestors were in many historical periods. Our ability to influence natural environment is becoming stronger, but as a result life on the planet already started to die, and we together with it. From the point of view of the mind of our psychological wholeness we are not just stupid, but (stupidly) anti-wise (conservative leaders feel that wisdom and humility is dangerous for their power and wealth). We cannot live with other nations in peace – we prefer to subdue their independence and are using our economy as a weapon. We cannot live with dissimilar people – psychological otherness in any form, creates in us suspicion and desire to crush it. US spend more on military needs than all other countries in the world taken together, and we plan to spend much more. By proudly accepting torture under Bush Jr. we have regressed to the level of Catholic inquisition and ancient barbaric practices.

Look at the psychological condition of those who make the decisions in our name – our financial elite mobilizing the money (they take from us in a form of reduced taxes and governmental subsidies) to get more power by legally bribing politicians. This tiny minority is obsessed with its immediate profit as the misers from fairy-tales. They are ready to sacrifice people in order to bake an extra-buck – they want to take away our Social Security, Medicare and Medicate, our humanistic education (liberal arts), they want us to work more for less pay and still be grateful to them. The point is not even that the neocons’ program of action is anti-humane but that it is not normal to think like this, to try to help themselves by the price of ruining the world. The Republicans by political affiliation personify today the human inability to think holistically – on the level of psychological wholeness that corresponds to ecological organism of Earth and Sky. They are retarded as human beings; their technical-strategic thinking is itself a sort of retardation of human intelligence because it is not taking into consideration life of human race.

Today, together with psychological wholeness that can be sustained only by humanistic education, the very concepts of psychological development and emotional maturation are thrown to the gutter. Financial and career success and childish need to be entertained confidently took their place. Pernicious obsession with one ideology for everybody – be it communism, possession and omnipresence of guns, or cult of technological thinking and tactico-strategic manipulation – is in today’s society a totalitarian model for thinking. If money/profit is the totalitarian leader of today’s democracies, technical science is today’s totalitarian ideology.

We cannot resolve the problems confronting our existence not because we don’t have brains but because the socio-political preference (in the form of money investment) is to finance totalitarian belief in investing people’s money in technical thinking (without even consulting with public opinion). Because of centuries of technical orientation of the West, our thinking ignores our humanistically scientific intellectual potential. Dominant model of the human being today reduces us to kind of “materialistic animals”, we are not considered as spiritual beings. Humanistic sciences started to develop only with the 19th century, but already suffer from drastic reduction of funding.

The more abstract and artificial social system becomes – the more robotic become human beings. Our country is financing with our (taxpayers’) money exclusively techno-scientific (partial) thinking. Our children mainly study this because only power oriented on world domination will be hiring in future. The more people become servants of power, the less human and less wise they will be and at more risk will be their lives.