Neutered Journalists and Guttural Propagandists

There’s a subtle war – in America, and in the world – between business and health. It’s no secret that 2 percent of human population controls all the wealth and the resources, and the other 98 percent struggle and struggle and struggle , and they eventually build up stress and medical conditions.

Dave Zirin, “Tackling Depression”, “The Progressive”, May 2013, p. 39

Wealthiest 10 percent of households own 80 percent of all stocks… The job-dangling corporation can simply force existing employees to shoulder a heavier load, while it trifles with applicants… This is called looking for “the purple squirrel” – an applicant too qualified to exist.

Jim Hightower, “The Jobless and the Purple Squirrel”, “The Progressive”, May 2013, p. 46

Hate will always win over search for truth if we have a deal with today’s paper- or electronic journalism. Hate will be a winner with a quick knock-down – it simply will accuse the very orientation on truth as not being hateful enough. In a totalitarian universe that is structured by one truth for everybody (inevitably a non-truth) and where such non-truth becomes automatic winner (through intolerance and militancy which like beliefs don’t need to verify themselves), to be not hateful enough means to empathize with those who should be righteously hated. But not to feel hateful towards people who are marked by the official/conventional hate means to be a betrayer of “your own side”, “contra” to our country, the spoiler of our boiler, and panther to our banner. Nobody wants to be accused of treason rhyming with prison, so, better be neutral/neutered especially when you are paid for it.

Liberal delicateness started to develop in US right from the time of post-WWII democratic boom. But back then conservatives were still human, well, almost. They were building their muscles in the political gyms. They were not yet fighting to death, as now, in the 21st century. Democracy and democratization, freedom and liberation, mass and self-education and perspiring prosperity were on the tips of human tongues. But step by step the democratic journalists began to transform into “free riders” – those who are paid for not defending, not promoting and not explaining the democratic points of view, in parallel with transformation of conservative journalists into guttural cannibals we see today on the TV screens. The more bullies bully the milder/softer become the democrats-intellectuals, well, many or most of them. They made a creative effort and invented a new idea of democracy – a system where anti-democratic forces are not met with loud and articulate criticism as a part of democratic political process, where insults and strategic and tactical overgeneralizations and non-differentiations between facts and metaphors on part of conservatives are met with gentle intonations and shy smiles. It is called political politeness and civility. The idea is that as soon as any criticism makes the (anti-democratic) conservatives furious and emotionally and verbally violent the criticism of the anti-democratic ideas and positions must retreat into a kind of cooling swamp in order to pacify the bullies. This became the democrats’ new political road. The invention of this “real” – post-political democracy is the “enlightened achievement” of the new democrats among politicians and “commentators” who trade “by-partisanship” for their careers.

The fact that behind this democratic peace-and-quiet and mildness-gentleness democratic norms of life become reduced in the direction of its elimination, was a process almost invisible and if still noticeable at all we have learned not to burden our hearts and minds about it (to worry about it would be a kind of idealistic perversion, a sort of immaturity). Before the liberal intellectual journalists, for example, were, according to democratic criteria of “free press“ involved in promoting, defending and explaining democratic ideas as contrary to anti-democratic ones which are promoted and propagandized by conservative politicians, journalists and commentators. But democrats have invented a new, euphemistic/pleonastic language, sterilized from any conflictual political context. From democratic journalists/commentators they have transformed themselves into people who just generically state public opinions and mention rather the technical issues of political campaigns without endorsing democratic positions.

So, the situation is that while conservative journalists actively use every chance to promote their side and hatefully characterize democratic ideas and politicians, the democratically inclined commentators just state positions of Democrats and Republicans and often not even assess the chances of this or that idea to be successful with the public – they solemnly offer to the “people” to make up their minds. The job of liberally inclined journalists is a tautological representation, while before they were actively working with the material – analyzed it and explained it in details. Their task today is just to mention the issues while conservative journalists passionately promote their “ideals” peppered and salted by hate towards democratic politicians and ideas.

The result of this pernicious discrepancy between conservative pushers of neo-con agenda and the neutral representation of political realities by commentators with liberal sensibility is a monstrous advantage of conservative ideas over democratic ones in newspapers and TV news and talk shows. Guttural propaganda of conservative hate becomes more and more popular in a nominally democratic country. But liberal by their private position journalists and commentators keep their salaries, “grow on their jobs” and attribute to themselves the virtue of keeping the civil democratic discourse alive. They think that they prolong the life of democracy by not defending democratic ideas from the neo-con’s daily assaults. They are paid for not being democratic commentators while conservatives are financially rewarded for being more and more belligerently anti-democratic.

Not all the democratic journalists became knights of soft civility instead of being democratic thinkers, but too many of them had. The previously democratic commentators/journalists become more and more free-ky riders, the more the neo-con representatives in the press become prickly haters.