The Higher Your Place Is In the Social Hierarchy – the More Socio-Political Influence You Have

Contrary to what the right wing propagandists and their parish: conservative Americans, believe – the Soviet Union was one of the most socially hierarchical societies in the world. It was a country where even the theatre actors and movie stars had several layers of titles putting them in the different categories of appreciation. According to many Americans the SRussian (Soviet Russian) problem was “socialism” while in reality “socialism” was just an ideology and a belief system without practical application, “socialism” as a politico-economic system was never realized. What took place in SRussia was a typical State Capitalism – a system very close to what we have today in US where taxpayers on the one hand generously subsidize and on the other even more generously bail out the corporations that make all the decisions in bed with governmental bureaucrats (like SRussian Party bosses did with the leading State administrators). The structure of factual life in the “people’s country” was never people-oriented and was based on a situation where strong people unconditionally ruled over the lower layers of social hierarchy. Under Ronald Reagan who started to drastically cut corporate taxes US started to resemble the Soviet system, while under Bush Jr. It almost became identical with it.

Soviet Union was a paradise for “Socialist” chairmen in the same way as today corporate welfare is for the American industrial and financial elite. For the ruling masters in either country the task was and is to conquer the world and control the population. They are people of belief (in their world view and their right to privileges), power and control over others.

SRussian poor were vegetating on the bottom of the social pyramid like the growing majority of today’s Americans who, after the rich conservative politicians like Republican Senator Phil Gram came to the conclusion that “Americans have it too easy”, started to lose their jobs (to foreign labor), their houses (to the banks) and their medical care (because of Insurance Companies’ growing premiums).

But before Ronald Reagan, when the American middle class was enlarging, a democratic pluralism (multiplicity of human interests and life styles) was a real alternative to Soviet totalitarian hierarchy which was lying on the masses of SRussian poor like an obese body on a triple mattress.

Hierarchical societies are ideologically centered – one ideology for all is the glue covering up and neutralizing the hierarchical divisions among the population. The popular belief in SRussia was that to live means to work hard building the Communist society, while in US today the belief that to live means to appropriate money and property and to consume and to be entertained functions like an ideology for all.

By identifying with the greatness of common ideology and with the power of leaders people come to feel superior to the whole world and to the critical “educated snobs” enveloping themselves in long sentences like in brocade toga. Belief is much easier than humanistic education – education needs thinking, belief needs intuition (thinking is longer and it’s boring, intuitive flashes are quick and exciting). By establishing rapport with the poor through a common (narcissistic) beliefs and a simplistic language leaders easily create a popular support for their adventurist plans and frivolous decisions. Totalitarian leaders never compromise – they are oriented on total subduing of the other side. And the masses love it because by identification with the aggressive and intolerant leaders they for the first time in their life feel that they are somebody.

American rich under Bush Jr. reclaimed totalitarian style of handling the social and international problems because they are really afraid of democratic transformations in their own country and in the larger world. It is the same reason why Communist party leaders in SRussia used a totalitarian style of ruling over the population – they also didn’t want to lose their privileged position and share the decision-making with people.

Strictness of social hierarchy and a severe fight for a position inside it is the skeleton of totalitarian systems. To keep the bottom of social pyramid under control through repression and/or “manufactured consent” and to use poor to get rid of the educated (real) opposition consisting of a middle class intelligentsia is old and a proven strategy of the ruling elite. In the Soviet Union educated opposition was eliminated in 30s by Stalin. In Bushmerica and today in US the most educated people are too “smart” to expose themselves to the danger of losing their jobs and becoming marginalized – they have “voluntarily” silenced their own critical thinking and continue to enjoy good salaries in Academia and media. They don’t use anymore the freedom to publicly disagree.

What we are witnessing today in US is a massive betrayal of the progressive ideals by the intellectuals. Even intellectuals have a common sense brains to get that a salary, career and a decent place in the social hierarchy is more important than truth, critical responsibility and care about the condition of humanity.