Utopianism associated with the proliferation of electronic technology and cyber-culture…
Franco Berardi

Human beings respond to the new state of hyper-stimulation by a panic reaction…
Franco Berardi

It was not easy to go through the 20th century of wars, episodes of hunger and permanent looking for job – without mass-culture. Pop-entertainment added smiles to the tears, laughter to drying soul and deeper inhales to the lungs. In this sense humorous moments of life and smiling at human destiny had its compassionate aspect. Even the guitarized optimism, even the drum set, even the flat singing still have a human touch – singing through the human throat, although it was athletically taxed by the running of the rock stars from the one end of stage to another or rhythmically jumping under the jubilation of the adoring fans. But this existentially mass-cultural entertainment was respectfully appealing to human community, human beings and universal nucleus of a common humanity.

In 21st century, on the other hand, entertainment forces started to use technological machinery to shape-and-mold human beings’ perception like god did to form Adam’s body and soul. But to adapt to new – electronic/cyber forms of entertainment is a bit tricky, it demands a bit extra, it’s overstimulating your emotional peace. It’s, as if, new entertainment demands more of human dedication, than the traditional one. Entertaining technology (ET) in the new century made an impressive leap, but not necessarily ahead, but rather deeper inside the human perception. Now ET utilizes human perception more than before, when music was, as if natural sister of human soul and the point was the understanding what music is telling you, not to learn how to survive when “music” pushing-and-throwing you into abysses like athletic exercise machines and by this creates the effect of satisfaction based on the individual’s pride in his/her physical heroism while their human soul with its emotional needs is not participating in procedure at all. Technical toys for adult entertainment (like super-smart phones) – technologization of brains instead of nervous system like in rock-music, become more and more expensive while at the same time much more flattering to its private users. The latest models of cell-phones, for example, include some digital miracles, and that makes their owners to feel that now they can possess some magic powers.

One of the rare high-tech types of toys with “objectively” a near supernatural power is the new assault rifle machineguns with 100-700 round capacity magazine. New types of militant videogames with supernatural illusion of being in real space and fighting with real enemies are of prophetical power (right under hand with pressing few buttons). Another type of military videogames about fighting in the natural condition of the Earth, Venice and Mars and other galaxies is ready for consumers. All these and other types of rewarding impressions and actions are so real and attractive that the creatures of the 21st century learn to live a new ways of life with magic speed. The problem is not only that the adults while being involved with cyber and digital entertainment are psychologically transformed into children, but that these adult-children have psychologically stopped to be human beings – they are transformed into toy-specialists – toy-engineers and toy-technicians – little robots who are digitally controlling toy-technology which controls them. The area of human interaction is more and more outside them.

But the most innovative high-tech qualification is the manipulation of the human brains by billionaires and their spokespersons and by the politicians trained in semantic modification of truth about actual reality. What was before the politicians’ conscious and unconscious lying about reality, today happens to be the art and science of intellectual manipulation of human thinking’s mental operations. Human brain normally is a complicated “organism”, but techniques of manipulating human thinking can twist our cognitive operations into semi-schizophrenic (fragmented) modalities or/and artificially retarded/reduced state embellished by the emotional vignettes of subjectively felt pleasures fed by a methodical construction of hate, contempt and heroic megalomania. More and more think-tanks specialized in developing distortions of thinking, get investment money from the billionaires.

What starts with mini-singing and guitarizing (the difference between guitarizing and playing guitar is that the first activity is connected with intense exhibitionist pleasure impregnated with pride in the rock-singer’s social and financial success), step by step has developed into the invention of high-tech toys and TV-shows based on strategies of distorting human traditional – naïve and straightforward perception of reality. Semantic distortion of human language (for example, masses of refugees from Middle East and Africa to European countries are matter-of-factly called “German Nazis”) or Antifascists groups are called “Antifa” – the word eliminating the traditional meaning signifying the heroic role of the antifascist movements in history, etc., is part of the problem.

Technologization of entertainment is connected with multiplication of technicians-creators of techno-entertainment. Instead of creating the conditions for life – what became created are high-tech toys. The inventors of new electronic toys could be just desk clerks, professionals with miserable bureaucratic salaries had it not been for selling their toys to billions of people all over the world. Digitalization of entertainment causes people to handle their new toy-like obsessions – to master digital mechanisms of entertainment in order to obtain new pleasure – to feel themselves masters of operating the digital robotics, as if they are co-entertainers participating in its creation. Today, it’s not enough to play with the cartoon characters on the screen or with savvy personages of Hollywood productions. Today – to get pleasure you have to participate in the brain-mechanism that entertains you! You yourself have to be able not only answer questions which the entertaining mechanism indirectly puts to you, but also to develop these questions. You yourself have to make digital connections to create results full of new entertaining potentials – the situation is that you as an object of a complicated entertainment is participating in using the artificial mini-brains of the entertaining machines you have purchased – to forget about the burdens of the old human world, exhausting and exhausted, the real world with boring and impossible life. But now you got a chance to compete with another players of the same game, to win over other users. Making profit on video-games torpedoing life while transforming people into creatures from another planet alien to the problems of – alive earthly life.

At the end, there are two worlds – an ungraspable, unsolvable and a traumatizing real life that requires scrupulous studying and on the other hand the magic world of techno-entertainment – a life that seems really real and irresistible because it’s rewarding you with pleasures of being entertained. Traditional entertainment was already an instrument of distraction from life. Without mass entertainment during several decades after WWII this degree of infantilization we observe today, in 2019 could be impossible in US. And we couldn’t get Ronald Reagan, Dick Nixon, Bush Jr. and finally end with Trump-double or triple Jr. But with today’s high-tech super-entertainment the Trump-Lump world is just a beginning. For the first time in history the world got a pseudo-monarch with a brain of a nasty child, thin skinned and vengeful as a demon, greedy like a tyrannosaurus and belligerent as a high-tech nuclear missile looking for targets.