Money-Conservatives and Religious Fundamentalists

What is the similarity between money-conservatives (money-servatives) and religious conservatives (god- and church-servatives)? They are both servatives: servants. The money-servatives serve money as a fetish that (they believe) will radically protect them in a dangerous and treacherous world. The religious fundamentalists serve the “holy” narrations about super-human power that, they believe, can protect them even more radically than money. They both serve their idols (god, church, money, profit, stocks-market, smart missiles, etc.) because of the advantage they hope to gain as a result of their service (worship).

From religious belief to belief in money – that is the historical evolution of the humankind (from belief in god’s power to belief in money-power).

What the Communist ideology is for the communists money is for the American money-worshippers. Any political ideology (“objective laws of historical development”, “freedom/democracy” or “global economy”) for ideology-worshippers is like money without paper. Money then is a belief registered as an ideology that is printed as banknotes.

Like fetishists of god created the Crusades, like the fetishists of political ideologies created the ideological wars (“Communism” vs. “Capitalism”, “Democracy vs. “Communism”), the fetishists of money are the authors and carriers of economic – globalist, wars (Bushmerican invasion of Iraq). The megalomania that is secretly present in fetishism will always end in creating wars – megalomania demands scapegoat (pharmakos) to justify and to realize/assert its dominance. In the name of fetish I am ready to commit any atrocity – so wise, holy, and authoritative is my fetish.

The very emotion of worshipping (of giving my idol the ultimate power to decide over the course of my action) is the creation of the image of my aggrandized self – my God, my church, my country, my political system, my money, my profit-making are all metaphors of my greatness. Any kind of worship is a worship of our aggrandized image that is secretly projected, packed and wrapped into the idol.

To worship something is like being a mortal and immortal at the same time: we are, as if, doubling ourselves, making ourselves mighty, expanding beyond the limits of our miserable ontological condition; we become a part of our fetish-god. When communist believers die they by their very belief will a kind of resurrect by their identity with posterity in the future communist paradise. When a believer in ultimate value of money dies, s/he as if continues to live on by the power of his/her money. My money is my ideal body, my entelechia.

Money-worship is the latest incarnation of the need to worship (to self-resurrect as a part of the super-human power). Money-worship is a desperate prayer for life after death – for resurrection as money. What else is there to do for people who are not life?

Money-servatives – money-conservatives who serve the fetish of money
Church-servatives – church-conservatives who serve religious ideology
God-servatives – god-conservatives who serve the fetish of the power of god
Money for the money-owner is his/her sublime, ideal body