A Universal Cast Of Financial Elites Including People With Genocidal Psyche

Genocidal gene is a metaphor of the motivation – in those decision and policy-makers who wholeheartedly rely on military and financial power to manipulate and dominate those who are under them in the social hierarchy and whom they suspect in carrying desire to subdue and destroy them – the elite. These privileged minorities symbiotically tied to weapons (macro-used in war and war-like operations) and to money-profit, are politically dedicated to pauperize the masses of populations and to aggrandize themselves to the point that the social and financial inequality in their countries will reach the proportion of a gap between heaven and earth.

The people impregnated or touched by genocidal intentionality advertise themselves as patriots, in reality are rather flag-riots or jingoists fighting for the purity and absolute might of their elitist groups. But even as jingoists our genocidists are fake – they perceive “their country” as a military fort for promoting and defending their wealth and influence – a high-tech wall to protect their interests from the plebs. The most of these people, some of which are educated in humanistic sciences only formally (without giving to liberal arts their hearts), are culturally illiterate or near illiterate – have an “exceptionalist” self-image. Of course, their “super-humanity” is without any refinement and civility, with rude and narcissistically self-privileged right to discriminate and humiliate other people – to “fire” them from the pursuit of happiness.

Genocidal logic and way of behavior are almost always masked by juicy, albeit routine political propaganda representing people with genocidal perversion of sensibility as carriers of love for human beings and dedication to humanity, and this is enough for the desperate poor who are generally prone to believe the rich with powerful social positions who talk as simple as pimple could do and who’re confidently intolerant of human dissimilarity. Many among poor people vote for the wealthy and powerful because they learned from political propaganda to dream about power and wealth (so, they – the pauperized poor, identify with possessors of power and wealth and verbally spit at the democratically educated as “arrogant” snobs “belonging to the past”. And they are prone to worship military power based on technical science and technological might. Today, when power and wealth reached almost monarchic power these poor dreamers of becoming powerful and rich hope of becoming the bodyguards of the wealthy and jailers of democrats.

According to our knights of money power with their super-automatic weapons – there is not enough soil on earth for so many hungry stomachs and earthly atmosphere is too limited for greedy human lungs. Specialists in history and anthropology inform the wealthy decision-makers that in the previous centuries people were killed in wars in much larger quantity than today (in comparison with the size of general human population). And this in spite of the advanced murderous potentials of modern weapons. So, people with genocidal predisposition began to think that the reason for this reduction of war time extermination already in the 20th century is due to the “rotten democratic ideology transforming people into a kind of fetish and human society into to a kind of farm without the farm’s goal of making profit”. “If life is not translated into profit it is meaningless, it is anti-life or ant-life”. “We don’t need billions of mouths and shit-holes suffocating the whole planet.”

In search of an effective way of “saving the planet” our genocidists try to use the economy as a weapon of getting rid of the “excess of people”. They have reinvented austerity and hired specialists to elaborate the economic justification for austerity policies. They’re trying to destroy not only the Social Security and SSI, but also Medicare and Medicaid and the safety net programs for helping the needy children, elderly and chronically sick. And they try to use private guns to seduce the people to worship automatic weapons as if it is power and wealth incarnated. Through seductive propaganda slogans they weaponized simple people who lost prosperity, existential confidence and self-respect and live by fear – to shoot and kill one another for the sake of cathartic satisfaction in which the combination of despair and megalomania serve as a last resort to feel themselves as somebodies. It’s, as if, the perfect triumphant weapons will make decisions instead of their owners.

The people with genocidal unconscious managed to combine the teenagers with automatic assault weapons. Children always had tendency to clash and fight with one another. Their decision-making is often ahead of their ability to check their impulses with self-critical thinking. The availability of high-tech guns can transform a teenager into effective unconscious agent of genocidal agenda. Without understanding that they’re realizing somebody’s else’s dreams and plans in the very moment they put their fingers on the weapon and believe that shooting other kids they’re really follow their emotions and react on verbal insults or emotional traumas, they are the best civil army the genocidal maniacs could ever dream about.

Recently it’s especially fashionable to interpret motivations of the decision-making elites by reducing their interests to a purely economic ones (triggered by profit-only-profit dreams and desires). Of course, the need to be wealthier than the wealthy is a necessary part of the genocidal phenomenon – the richer a person is, the wider and thicker the space of his possessions that demands protection. With wealth comes the enlarging of personal identity and personality and with it – the poisonous fear of losing what the envious hate of the “losers” from all side wants to appropriate.

Without adequate medical care the population of sick and the elderly people will be reasonably quickly reduced, and so the future populations in general through school-, store- and pop-music concert halls mass-shootings. Cutting back or doing away with food stamps can also serve those with genocidal complex. And, finally, there exists the old and reliable instrument of getting rid from the excess of population which is “oversaturating planetary resources”. This tool is wars, especially today, with full availability of super-weapons of mass destruction. People with genocidal predisposition managed to reduce their own humanity into one function – power/money making, and they impose on people the despair which is very potent destroyer not only of the human lives but of the very structure of human civilization.