Monopolistic Domination over the Market and Pauperization of the American Population

In Germany pauperization of the population preceded the growth of Nazi ideology. Georg Grosz is a witness to how humiliation of the people by poverty makes them susceptible to megalomaniacal ideas of belonging to a super-race. He provides us with the knowledge of how the rich Germans by destroying human pride of German poor created in them a fascist need to dominate the world and readiness to kill, to torture and boss other people around.

Financial aspect of global economy
Financial aspect of global economy
This drawing in today’s parlance can be called “Toads of Global Economy”. It is those who fire American workers to make more profit abroad, who don’t want to pay taxes and who are supported by and making profit on taxpayers while claiming to be American patriots who care about our country. These decision-makers decide where to invest taxpayers’ money, which jobs will or will not be available and to what spot of the planet Earth American army should go to make war that is profitable for them.

Military Side of the Financial Aspect of Global EconomyMilitary Side of the Financial Aspect of Global Economy
Today the military-industrial complex, the R&D and oil-industry are the biggest profit-making machine in the history of humanity. Grosz’ ironic title for this drawing is the “Aristocrats” but today it can be modified as that “Two percents of the American Population”.

“Humanitarian help” aspect of global economy
"Humanitarian help" aspect of global economy
The words under the picture represent what the leadership and functionaries of global corporations think about American children and about the health-care and jobs for Americans.