Organized by Conservative Leaders Violence against the Democratic Lawmakers Who Voted For the Health Care Reform

Right Wing Militia
George Grosz – “Civilization marching on”, 1936

In U.S. of 2010 you cannot see the behavior of right wing politicians, hate talk-show hosts and those whom they agitate against humanistic reforms without making analogies with George Grosz’s drawings from the mid 30s.

We see here a gang of patriotic militia carrying an anti-Semitic poster of a caricatured Jewish face as it was typical of Nazi propaganda. Today as the conservative masses are mobilized to persecute the politicians-Democrats – who will be on the poster? – Of course, “born in Africa” the “socialist” and the “Moslem” president Obama, who wants “the government to run medical care” (please, name the four mistakes in the last sentence).

The Republican leadership tries to transform the uneducated and with low IQ layer of conservatives into a volunteer militia to intimidate those who are tired of invented (frivolous) wars and financial collapses and want democratic reforms. But Grosz already seventy four years ago saw what the right wing militia looks like. Let’s analyze the facial expressions of these young people who are marching ahead. For people without a humanistic education and without achievements in this world fascism is their only chance to feel on top of life. You can openly hate, insult and beat up another people – what is a quicker and better way to feel strong, to make a difference, to be a hero? The crowd of civilians in the background cheers the enthusiasm of the militia-men. They want to see more destruction and violence. Especially important here is the conservative family values trio – an abused boy looking for revenge located between a mother and a father who are both in a paroxysm of ecstatic hate. Mother’s mouth from shouting is so widely opened that there is no place left on her face for eyes and forehead, while the father’s screaming mouth is so enlarged that it has deformed his nose. These three figures are like a picture within a picture – child abuse is shown as the backdrop of fascist movement. The intensity of rage this mother, father and child carry tells us a lot about their relationships and the family atmosphere. The American right wingers who were waiting outside the congressional building (as the democratic lawmakers were leaving after they had just voted for healthcare reform) and who were spitting at them and insulting them by calling them “niggers” and “faggots” are exactly like the people Grosz depicted in his drawing.

According to Grosz, there are four categories of those who belong to the right-wing movement. Amongst them are two kinds of the performers of violence – those who belong to the first line of marchers and those in the second line (they have a different psychology). The third category is the leadership, here represented by the placard carrier. And the fourth is the crowd – the cheering audience giving a go ahead to violence.

Let’s start with the second raw of violent marchers. We see three faces – the one person closest to us is obviously afraid of the face on the poster. To the right of him, the second marcher tries to look confident but his side gaze on his frightened comrade tells us that he himself is with identical fear. The third one is not just afraid – he is revolted and disgusted by the figure on the placard. Why are these people so afraid of the scapegoat? Because they believe that Jews, liberals and intellectuals (they search for “the Jew” inside every liberal and every intellectual) have the magic power to do evil and destroy their country, like today’s American right-wingers believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ and has the insidious intention and supernatural power to destroy America.

The violent marchers in the first row are different from the second-liners – they are in the process of overcoming their irrational fear of scapegoat figure. The one closest to the viewers is full of heroic intention to march head on and crush the enemy of civilization. In the second one (on his right) contempt towards the enemy is already overflowing into his readiness for glorious destructive action – the murder. The third is encouraging the second with a grinning grimace of optimistic belief in the success of their mission of getting rid of those whom they righteously hate. And the fourth is already into a Nazi salute (which is the first phase of the coming violent action). The leader carrying the banner with scapegoat’s caricature is shining – he is playing the alternative to the evil he is displaying on the poster, he thinks of himself as the very incarnation of Goodness.

It is very easy for those who were subjected to abuse as children by parental despotism, who are frightened and without self-realization to see themselves as the defenders of “sacred values” against the enemies and “traitors” – it’s much easier than… to think. To be able to think rationally you need a minimum of psychological balance but militant conservatives choke on their own rage for being poor, uneducated, nothing in the world of the rich, powerful and smart. And now the conservative authorities are asking for their help! How is it possible for them to refuse? It is marchers’ only and last chance to be great. Grosz knows how this greatness will end. Will America listen?